The NUN Movie Review – His and Her Opinion

The NUN movie review

The Nun is a spin-off  movie from the horror/suspense Conjuring universe from New Line Cinema giving us an origin story of Valak!

What Earth Thinks of it?  Her POV

I am glad to finally have a chance to get to know The Nun/ Valak some more.   If you have seen the past Conjuring movies this completes the circle. If you haven’t this might get you into watching the rest more.

I love the suspense/ thriller build-up. It would have been better to watch without some loud co-theater goer there who screams even there’s no scary scene yet spoiling the fear factor for the rest of us.  Some scenes did give me a real good scare.

I also enjoyed the comedy relief provided by the character Frenchie. OK I won’t say much anymore not to spoil it for you.

Horror films lover would not want to miss this movie out.

The NUN movie review


What Marcus Thinks of It?   His POV

The Nun is a standard jump-scare, horror movie that suffers from lack of rules.  What I mean by that is that because we don’t know the rules of the Universe, we don’t know what the good guys can do to save the day.  Do guns work on evil spirits? What about crosses? Can a spirit hurt a priest? They change the rules to maximize the surprises, and The Nun had plenty of these surprising, startling moments. There is a difference between being scared and being startled.  There are some scary elements to this movie, but mostly it is just full of things appearing suddenly to startle you. Every time the camera moves, the bad guys appear and disappear. You never know where they are, so you expect them everywhere. Every time we saw the back of a nun, the audience would gasp in anticipation of it turning around to reveal a horrid creature.

This movie is not clever.  There is nothing subtle about the clues set up in the beginning.  There is a tiny bit of mystery, and done ok, but you really have to think about it after to understand the purpose of it all.  Of course, if you’re thinking of seeing this movie, you probably don’t care about anything that I’ve mentioned. You want to go to be startled.  For that, you will enjoy it. Just try to stay awake in between.


The NUN movie review

The NUN is rated PG 13 by the MTRCB,  meaning nobody below 13 will be allowed in the conema. Showing starts today September 6,2018.


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