Yummy Treats this Halloween 2018

Here’s some sweet and yummy treats to include on your shopping list.


Just recently Cadbury released three of their new limited Holiday season flavors, Cadbury Perfectly Blended Dark Milk Chocolate Flavors which include Crunchy Salted Caramel, Roasted Caramel Hazelnuts and Prefectly Blended Chocolate.  The 160gram bar is sold at Php151.00 only!


Cadbury Perfectly Blended Dark Milk Chocolate Flavors Cadbury Perfectly Blended Dark Milk Chocolate Flavors


CheeseWhiz also released their  Cheese Whiz Mild with Milkier and Milder Cheese Taste . Aside from using is as a regular spread with your bread  I like to use it as a dip on my chips , toppings for my lasagna and pasta dishes and for my kaldereta and other dishes it adds new and exciting flavor!

CheezWhiz Mild


And of course Oreo! Orea released three new flavors of Oreo Thinks! Tiramisu, Lemon Cheesecake and Vanilla Delight.  Among the three my favorite is the Lemon Delight! It’s surprisingly good.


Oreo Thinks new flavors

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