The Truth About Dating an AFAM

It’s always a double edged sword.  Filipina women dating an AFAM (Attractive Foreigner Around Manila) are always thought of as gold digger . Filipina women are always told to not let go if they caught an AFAM coz he is a good catch. That she will bear beautiful children. That she will be financially secure all her life. That she is Lucky!!!

This are all crap.   People just see the surface they never scratch underneath it.

First off the gold digger:

They won’t give you money unless you are their wife or unless they pay you to do something for them.  They’re not always loaded. Some are here to escape the life they have from whatever country they are from. When they come here they are glorified and they love that attention. Pfft.  Other Filipino women especially those in the low class are dying to snag an AFAM even if it meant being the side girl or play mate or service girl or whatever in false hopes that one day the AFAM will see she’s the best one , he will dump her for her kinda thing if she keeps being good to him.  Pffft.  The AFAM loves the attention he will pay cheap to get free (you know what) coz every Filipina throw themselves on him.  How could he resist.


He’s not always a good catch:

Why is he here?  He fled and escape whatever country he came from because of some bad experiences he never want to relieve .  He is starting over.   He wants to be here because he feels he is special in this country he is open 24/7 to every woman who throw herself on him.  Free meal right.  He disrespects the woman he supposedly call his girlfriend by doing every woman who throws herself on him coz it’s a free meal why not!   He doesn’t care and he doesn’t mind if the woman they call their girlfriend feels belittled , disrespected or unimportant, what’s important is he feels special and wanted by every woman in the country and he will get as much as he can whenever he can.  You don’t matter.  It’s all about him.

Women outnumbered men around the world, him not being able to find a woman in his country, there must be something wrong!   Don’t be all praise for the AFAM just because they hold a foreign passport they’re all might and better.


He will not be the answer to your financial problems:

What does he even do here?  Vacation? How much and how long do you think he can support you if he ever did?  He only gives you money if he can get something back from it. Money runs out and your sanity will too. He leaves the country and you got nothing coz you think he is your saviour. Girl work, have a decent living, save.  An AFAM in your life is not a cure all your problems in fact they will become your biggest problem! They will give you more heartache than happiness because they think they can easily replace you easily coz they are desirable here.  As long as they flaunt their money, a willing victim will come along.  They are happy to hop from one after another feelings are not important to them what’s under their pants matter more than people.

I don’t know how they do it but they can compartmentalize their intimate feelings and their physical urges , how I wish we women could too life will be less complicated for us women if we can be like them!


For my final word…

If you want to date an AFAM go ahead by all means .  Have a blasts.  But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.  Are you ready for all that shit that comes along with it?  If not turn around be happy single hahahahaha!

Now everyone who read this wonder, is she joking or not?  That’s for me to know and for your to find out.  Sticks and stones may break bones !  


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