Is it too early to start your anti-aging skin care regimen?

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When it comes to skin care, the question of whether or not it’s time to start using anti-aging products has definitely crossed the minds of countless young women. Chances are, most of these women would merely brush off the idea; thinking that a basic skin care regimen is already enough since their skin is yet to show any visible signs of aging.

But as it turns out, signs of aging – visible or otherwise – may begin to manifest as early as age 25 and up. This little-known fact has led many beauty experts to advocate the value of incorporating anti-aging products into one’s skin care regimen as soon as you’ve hit your 20s. Though experts do caution against the improper use of anti-aging products, young women are advised to slowly ease into a fuss-free yet effective anti-aging skin care routine.

To start, one may opt to use moisturizers that are equipped with anti-aging properties. Naturally, moisturizers are already considered as effective anti-agers because it keeps skin nourished and hydrated. But those that specifically cater to anti-aging concerns can do wonders to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance!

Skin Doctor Beeswax Anti-Aging products

One such product is Australian cosmeceutical brand Skin Doctors’ Beetox with Manuka Honey, a moisturizer that contains the bee venom compound Melittin and the collagen treatment Trylagen – a complex mix of peptides, amino acids, proteins, and key enzymes. These unique ingredients all work to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to help the skin remain taut and firm.

Another good product to invest on is Skin Doctors’ Supermoist 24Hr Hydrating Face Moisturizer. Perfect for daily use, this face moisturizer is clinically proven to raise the skin’s moisture level and seal in the hydration for 24 hours after use. Infused with Tamarind antioxidants and the African Resurrection plant, the Supermoist also helps the skin fight the effects of free radicals for a healthier glow.

An often taken-for-granted aspect of skin care but one that is crucial in maintaining a youthful appearance is under eye treatments. If you’ve been skipping out on this part, then it’s time to play catch up by adding a good under eye product to your roster of skin care essentials. Try Skin Doctors’s Eye Circle Cream which is a targeted treatment that visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles under your peepers. When religiously applied, the product can improve the firmness and tone of the eye area.

Aging is an inevitable part of life. But with the right combination of proper skin care habits and reliable products, you can at least preserve your skin’s youthfulness longer and even avoid the harsher effects of skin irritants and stressors!

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