Why Every Woman Needs a WetBrush

The right Wetbrush for your

More and more women are discovering that there’s the right brush to be used for different hair needs. That’s why thousands all over the world are fans of WetBrush, a certified cult brand that caters to your hair’s every need. It’s adored by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, and Candice Swanepoel – all of whom are sure to be carrying the latest WetBrush models!

While dry hair is surprisingly strong, wet strands are far more fragile. Brushing with the wrong brush, towel drying too roughly, or using a fine-tooth comb can all lead to breakage. The WetBrush has many devotees because of its signature IntelliFlex bristles — “smart” bristles that know when to be firm enough to pull through the tangles, and when to gently glide through hair strands without breaking them.  Less hair strands are caught in the brush, minimizing hair loss!

The right Wetbrush for you


But which is the right WetBrush for you?

If your hair routine is simple and low-maintenance, the WetBrush Original Detangler is your go-to brush. Equipped with IntelliFlex, the Original Detangler will smoothen tangles without pain or damage. It’s a brush both kids and moms love.


If you style your hair regularly, the WetBrush High Speed Round Brush will make it quick and effortless. Its signature Aerotechnology and vented barrel shape allows you to style at rapid speed without causing damage, while the IntelliFlex bristles give your tresses more volume and bounce.


A wash and go type? Choose the WetBrush Speed Dry which comes with Speed Dry Heatflex bristles and a clever open-vented design that guarantees faster drying time. You’ll make it on time to work or an event without compromising style.


Every girl wants extra luster to their locks, and that’s what why the WetBrush Shine Enhancer was born. It’s an almost-magical detangling brush that brings out hair’s natural shine through a combination of Intelliflex and natural boar bristles. It provides the stimulation for hair to produce its natural oils, which are distrubuted evenly through smoothened hair.


Get one, or get them all — the Wet Brush comes in a whole lot of colorful and fashionable designs to suit every personality. There’s the Gemstone Collection, the Watercolor Mosaics Collection, the Gypsy Collection, and more.  There’s even the WetBrush Plush Brush, adorable plushie brushes with a kid-friendly grip, that gently glide through tangles without breakage, pain or tears!


WetBrush is available in Watson and SM stores nationwide. Select WetBrush models are also available at Beautybeat.ph.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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