Flawlessly U + When Self Worth and Self Love is More Important than Anything Else

Some people mistake self love and self worth as being narcissistic. But honestly as I have always preached the first person to love yourself should be you.  I mean how could you expect other people to love you if you yourself can’t love yourself.  The most simplest analogy to this is you can’t give what you don’t have.

Just recently I attended this event about celebrating  real women and they tried to evoke thoughts and emotions regarding the more common perception on beauty.

Flawlessly U

I was kinda lost in the video as they showed videos of gorgeous women/ models/actress/commercial models in a staged fire fighting, farming, martial arts fighting scenes.  It was beautifully made commercial that shows how women in a man dominated world, a dog-eat-dog world can still look graceful and beautiful / flawless.

Flawlessly U

They also invited real women who are working as Pilot, Doctor and Teacher in real life to instill more on their message that real women in real life are flawless regardless!  Which is a great message of course. It would have been great if the models they used in the commercial are also real women working on those though jobs. As the messaging they want to invoke #NotAPrincessFlawlessYou .

“Everyday life can get very demanding, making it a struggle to get up and conquer the day ahead. There is profound beauty in seeing a woman stand her ground and work hard to power through these challenges,” says Rachelle D. Layda, Marketing Manager. “Flawlessly U believes that the beauty of everyday hardworking women should be recognized and celebrated – no matter what they do, they can still be flawless.”

The commerical and the event was part of the launch of the campaign of Flawlessly U , a skin care / bath and body product by Splash Corporation .  Flawlessly U comes in different product formats for face and body in Papaya + Calamansi, Green Papaya + Calamansi, and Kojic + Glutathione variants.

Flawlessly U

Just like the women being honored, Flawlessly U also features equally hardworking beauty products. Best known for its multiple benefits – whitening, smoothening and moisturizing. Flawlessly U products are also easy on the pocket and are available in major supermarkets and sari-sari stores

For more information about Flawlessly U, visit Facebook – @OfficialFlawlesslyU.


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