Buy or Bye: Dermairis 4-in-1 Face Sheet Mask

There are so many facial sheet masks available  in the Philippine beauty market today.     While I am sure you would go to the more popular Korean face sheet masks, I want to give you a low down on why you should try a Dermaisis 4-in-1 Face Sheet Masks.

Dermairis is new in the Philippine market manufactured by JW Healthcare Phils. Dermairis Masks has patented skincare technologies like JW-EGF that makes their product penetrate into the skin cells 5 times faster.  And AMF  which block moisture vaporation for 120 hours.

But you may still be scratching your head with all that demaceuticals jargon so I will just tell you as it is from a layman’s term.  Less scientific and more on practical and experiencial point of view (as I’ve seen and felt).

Dermairis 4-in-1 Face Sheet Mask

Dermairis 4-in-1 Face Sheet Mask has two variants , one in Blue packaging and one in Pink.

The Blue one is the Air Pocket Sheet Mask which has countless airpockets in the water soluble sheet containing nutritional skin essences. One sheet is priced at SRP Php70 each.

The Pink one is the Microfiber sheet masks.  It uses ultra thin and super soft microfiber. Since the fibers are so thin it has better absorption of active ingredients into the skin.  One sheet is priced at SRP Php150 each.

What I think of it:

Personally,  I prefer the Dermairis 4-in-1 Face Sheet Mask in pink variant because I love the soft and fluffy feel of the ultra microfiber thin sheet on my face.  I feel that all the essences and serum infused in the sheet are absorbed better compared to the blue one.  The blue one feels and looks more like the usual face sheet mask I have tried and seen in the market.

What does Dermairis 4-in-1 Face Sheet Mask promises to deliver?

It promises to help lessen wrinkles, make skin more elastic,  lightens the skin and makes the skin more moisturized.

What’s in the Dermairis 4-in-1 face sheet masks that makes it effective.  Here’s some of the ingredients: hyaluronic acid,  ceramide,  jw-egf and amf,  astaxanthin,  snail secretion filtrate,  botanical extracts adenosine,  acetyl tetrapeptide,  and niacinamide.

Dermairis 4-in-1 Face Sheet Mask


Personally, I have tried them for two weeks  and I love to use it at night.  I feel that whatever skin care recovery regimen my skin needs should be done at night so I can also have better sleep and it can absorb all nutrients while I am asleep.  People I see often just keeps saying I am looking better these days or that I look less stressed and my skin looks really plump.

I am not sure if it was the Dermairis 4-in-1 face sheet masks effect but I feel my skin is less dry,  makeup esp funda glides easily and absorbed by my skin better. I don’t  feel rough spots or dry spots on my face whenever I use them.

Koreans often use sheet mask before putting on makeup which is understandable so skin looks really glossy that way.  But with our humid weather I rather use it at night so in the morning my skin looks more plump.


Is the Dermairis 4-in-1 Face Sheet Mask a buy or a bye?    I said it’s  a Buy!   Get the pink one you won’t  regret.  It is like having your own facial spa at home.  I am. in it for the moisturizing and anti-aging . If you want whitenin this one promises  that too.  You can alternately use the blue and the pink,  they suggest to use it twice a week.

You may find Dermairis at your fave beauty essentials shops in the country.


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