Healthway Medical Healthy lifestyle Bundle

Which kind of medical check-up do you need? For your heart? For your Weight? Check Diabetes? Prostate? Or because you want to take up a sport? Here are Healthway Healthy Lifestyle Bundle packages of medical checkup that caters to your specific health concerns or needs.


Just recently, Healthway Medical launched their new medical check-up packages that is suitable for a wider market of healthy lifestyle concious individuals. These packages are specific to a special need that includes laboratory test, doctors consultation before and after testing and even diet, exercise recommendations monitoring and even hotel accomodations .

The Healthway Healthy Lifestyle Bundles are divided into six different categories:

  • WellCheQ provides patients a full evaluation and post evaluation of a patient’s  health and detection of early signs of diseases.  It includes 11 different lab tests , 3 imaging , including chest and abdomen, and either a Prostate Ultrasound  for  male patient and Breast Ultrasoundf for female  patients. WellCheQ package cost Php13,000 for walk-ins and Php12,000 for corporate. Healthway Healthy Lifestyle Bundles Medical Check-Up Packages
  • PhysicalCheq is an annual physical examination and evaluates the general status of your health. This includes 10 kinds of laboratory tests, a chest X-ray and ECG with full medical exam a post evaluation consultation and free snack . PhysicalCheQ cost Php7,000 for walk-in and Php6,000 for corporate.Healthway Medical Healthy lifestyle Bundle PjysicalCheQ
  • WeightCheQ is a medical weight management that provides diagnostic physical and medical evaluation to reach your ideal weight. It includes 8 laboratory test including Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test, Lipid Profile, Creatinine among others. Imaging including chest x-ray and whole abdomen ultrasound. A treadmill exercise test and ECG. With lifestyle medical consult or endocrinologist consult, free nutrition counseling with a weight management coach, eatsmart workshop, bmi and nutrition diet plan!  Optional is a Good Intolerance Test.  WeightCheQ cost is Php14,000 for walk-ins and Php13,000 for corporate.Healthway Medical Healthy lifestyle Bundle WeightCheQ
  • DiabetesCheQ is a comprehensive diabetes screening which includes 10 laboratory including an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test 75G inclusive of FBS, Potassium K and Blood Urea Nitrogen.  It also has chest and whole abdomen imaging, ECG and Treadmill Exercise test.  A full medical examination, one Endo or Diab consult of Lifestyle Medical Consult, post evaluation consult and nutritional counseling with weight management coach, eatsmart workshop, BMI and Ideal weight and a nutrition diet plan.  Optional test at discount rates is the Microalbumun Creatinine Ratio.  DiabetesCheQ cost walk-ins is Php 16,000 corporate is Php14,000Healthway Medical Healthy lifestyle Bundle DiabetesCheQ
  • HearthcheQ is a heart care screening that sets your heart to a healthy path. It includes 11 laboratory testing and two imaging chest x-ray and whole abdomen ultrasound. Special examination like ECG, treadmill exercise test and 2D Echo with Doppler. A full medical exam will be done with one cardiologist consult or a lifestyle medicine consult and a free meal!  Optional test with discounted rates are Spirometry, Ambulatory BP monitoring, Nutrional Counseling, Holter Monitor and Microalbumin Creatinine Ratio.   HearthcheQ cost at Php17,000 for walk-ins and Php16,000 for corporate.Healthway Medical Healthy lifestyle Bundle HearthcheQ
  • SportsCheQ is an executive check-up that evaluates the physical condition of professional and recreational athletes.  For Professional Athletes they have  7 laboratory including HBA1C, FT3, FtlT4, THS, HbsAg,and chest x-ray.  Special examination including Full Medical History and Physical Examination of Primary Care Physician, Fitness Test by a Physical Therapist, Fit to Play Certification of Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist or Orthopedic Surgeon, Treadmill Stress Test, and Resting Electrocardiogram.  For Recreational Athletes there is three laboratory test, chest imaging the full medical, fitness test and fit to play certification and a Resting Electrocardiogram. Plus fixed post evaluation consult and a complimentary meal. Rate is Php13,000 for Pro and Php7,000 for recreational.Healthway Medical Healthy lifestyle Bundle SportsCheQ

All these packages are beneficial to combat those self-inflicted diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity which can be prevented .

Healthway Medical Healthy lifestyle Bundle launch

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Healthway Medical has branches in Shangri-la EDSA Mall, Alabang Town Center, Festival Supermall, Greenbelt 5 , Healthway Manila, Market Market and SM the Block.  They are open even before mall hours .

Stay gorgeous everyone!