My Fitness Story Plus Finally Finishing a 5K Run at the #BuddyRun12 for Nutrition Month

My Fitness Story Plus Finally Finishing a 5K Run at the #BuddyRun12 for Nutrition Month

Not many of you know , but my boyfriend Marcus is also my personal workout coach.  If  you met him already you know how he got a fit body.  I asked him to help me out achieve a healthier me, actually I asked him to help me make abs.  Ok a realistic one is less fluffy tummy.

He said it’s the hardest part of the body to lose so what he wanted to do instead is help me build muscles . Muscles burns fat .

So we hit the gym and Marcus can’t believe what he just realized about me.  He said I am the weakest person he have ever met.  When he said that, he meant he can’t believe how I can’t lift any  equipment in the gym even those without weights on it.  So, the game plan changed and he instead just want to make me strong.

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He initially want to do a 6 week plan for a stronger me.  It was not an extensive tiring time in the gym he planned for me but just 15 minutes or even less. Two kinds of workout for a day working two different muscle each time.

Marcus also told me to try a better diet for weight loss. With the help of my mobile phone, I was able to set personalized goals and get advice for achieving them sustainably. I checked out this honest review between Noom and Weight Watchers  two of the top fitness apps in the market today, to make my decision.

Our six weeks is done but I think we will work out some more until he gets tired of me!  I will show you our workout vlog some other time.

Anyway, that was a long intro to telling you the story about finishing my first ever 5k run with my Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run partner Marcus .  I’ve been joining the run for a couple of times now with my daughter but I never finished because we are not that fit.  Now with Marcus we finished the 5k run for 40 minutes holding hands the entire time!  Not bad! And yeah Ang sweet Naman!

I overheard a group of running girls at the 12th Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run event held at Camp Aguinaldo earlier saying “it will be so much fun and easier to finish a 5k run with a handsome running buddy like him!”. Haha that was cute and funny but I can’t agree more!

#BuddyRun12 #welovewellness #wellnessfestival #fitandfun

Marcus said it will only work if it was your first date and you are trying to impress each other with your running endurance.  Well, I should disagree coz it wasn’t our first date but it was a fun run running with him.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, I am suffering from faciitis.  It’s pain on the soles, mostly the heels, making walking and running a bit tedious and painful.   Those with my condition can’t walk with flat shoes. We need arch support.

The past few days the pain was excruciating that I had to take Ibuprofen.  I hate medicines but I had to.  Such is why I was able to run.

So yeah the Robinson’s 12th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run is a kick-off event to Robinson’s Supermarket Nutrition Month.

#BuddyRun12 #welovewellness #wellnessfestival #fitandfun

We didn’t win the race.  But the 5k race top finishers was rewarded with 6-months worth of groceries and healthy freebies , while the 2nd  and 3rd place finishers recieved Robinson Supermarket gift certificates.

The 10k top podium finishers received one year worth of groceries while the 2nd and 3rd place finishers took home Robinsons Supermarket gift certificates and healthy freebies to jump start and continue their wellness journey.


#BuddyRun12 #welovewellness #wellnessfestival #fitandfun #BuddyRun12 #welovewellness #wellnessfestival #fitandfun

At the race, most of the participants enjoyed exciting activity booths and lots of freebies from major sponsors Wyeth, Abbot, Nestle Philippines, Johnson & Johnson, and Unilab.

Read more about Robinsons Supermarket wellness commitment and other activities at or at RobinsonsSupermarketOfficial on Facebook.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Marcus vlogged the run! Watch below:

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