Traceability:. Why is it Important to Know the Source of Your Health Supplements

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When it comes to supplementation , it’s important to know where the ingredients  in each product comes from through traceability.

This is because food safety is a real concern as what we ingest is absorbed by our bodies.  Consumers needs to know the story behind their products because their health depends on the products they buy.  It isn’t simply about placing it ok the label.  It’s all about letting the people know and have the peace of mind

It was just very recent when a lot of health and wellness company started to become concious about letting their consumers know where the product they produce comes from and how. It’s part of the new conciousness of people about what they put in the body and this new health and environmental awareness everyone seems to be adopting.  This is a good thing because we let the manufacturers become more responsible on how and where they get the ingredients of each of their products and let us consumers know about it too.

Traceability helps ensure all the people involved in producing and manufacturing the ingredients that ho into our products follow strict rules of helath, safety and quality.  It helps us guarantee we are provided not only just the safest products, but the ones that are pure and effective.

Nutrilite is proud to stress that they have been following this strict standard. Traceability has been a fundamental part of the brand for over 80 years.

Nutrilite highlights it’s 9-step traceability process or “Behind the Label” approach. This contains not just about traceability but gives information on its heritage and the key ingredient for it’s supplements – phytonutrients.  As each of their product has a unitque phytonutrient fingerprint or siganture that contains. Broad spectrum of nutrients closer to a natural spectrum found in whole fruits and vegetables.

“Traceability has always been a core of Nutrilite.  In the 40s , our founder Carl Rehnbirg bought a farm in Southern California so he could learn to grow plants without pesticides and herbicides.  This allowed him to develop his own farming practice, which has been adapted by Nutrilite,” said assistant brand category Manager Pauline Kaye Batan.




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