Joker Movie Review – His and Her POV

Joker Movie Review #jokermovie

Rated R-16 without cuts by the MTRCB, Joker is distributed in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Media Company and will be showing in Philippine Cinemas starting October 3,2019.

Marcus and I were one of the first people here in Manila to see the movie during the advanced screening held at IMAX Cinema in SM Aura and here’s what we think.

Joker Movie Review #jokermovie

What Earth Thinks of it ?  Her POV

He started a joke , which made the whole world laughing, and then he seen , the joke was on him!   This is the perfect description on how Joker came to be.

It is dark, sad and depressing origin story of Joker , the infamous Batman/ Gotham city villain.   It is so intense and disturbing but the movie is very well made.  You can feel all the repressed feelings , confusion, and pain or Arthur Fleck whom now we know as Joker. The joke always seems to be on him.  Caught in a cyclical existence between apathy and cruelty and, ultimately, betrayal, Arthur makes one bad decision after another that brings about a chain reaction of escalating events .

Joaquin Phoenix did the role very well. He was so convincing, he is so emotionally and mentally disturbed.

The movie is so good but so deep and is not for the faint hearted.

It’s not an action movie, there’s not much of fight scenes or big explosion or effects like an action movie or superhero is expected to be.  But there’s more drama and emotional conundrum that will draw the audience in.

It talks about the sad truth in life during depressing times and how people with mental illness couldn’t cope without the right support.

It’s a very dark movie but I applaud how it was made.  It will make you understand the origin of a super villain . How he became the “idol” of all villains in Gotham City .

It’s a villain movie but I liked it so much. It’s one of the best villain movie made I think. Joaquin Phoenix should win an award for it.   You should watch it.

Joker Movie Review #jokermovie

What Marcus Thinks of it?  His POV

What turns someone into a super villain? Well, when going to watch Joker, that is the question I was hoping to get an answer to. I don’t think I’m happy with the answer.

The preview for the movie was pretty creepy. I’m not comfortable with creepy, but went into this with my mind in the rigjt place to accept the creep. Sadly, I was disappointed. It wasn’t near as creepy as the preview. Mostly it was just long shots of Joker smoking. Of course these long shots really gave Mr. Phoenix a lot of time to really act and show us a well developed character. Maybe that was part of the problem. It maube was too real and so, didn’t really make me feel “super villain”.

In an origin story I want to see the elements that drives a person to choose their super lifestyle. I guess I understand why Joker would hate the world, but his motivation to keep going is kind of weak to me. I can’t really say why without giving too much away, but just because you’re willing to pull a trigger doesn’t mean you’re a super villain.

The movie was too slow and didn’t give us enough insight into the making of a villain. It didn’t match the Justice League world. Maybe DC is going another direction. I’ll wait to see what they do with it.

Directed, co-written and produced by Todd Phillips, “Joker” is the filmmaker’s original vision of the infamous DC villain, an origin story infused with, but distinctly outside, the character’s more traditional mythologies.  Phillips’ exploration of Arthur Fleck, who is indelibly portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix

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