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Buy or Bye: Rubin Hair Extensions Review

Just recently, Rubin Hair Extensions from Germany send me their hair extensions product for review.  This  would be my second hair extensions that I own. The first one I had was a tape-in hair extensions and I just say the clip-on rules.

Compared to the tape-in hair extensions where I needed someone to put it on me, and the hassle of having it stick on your head feeling uncomfy and weird. Plus it’s kind a hard to take off.  It is a wise decision to get a Rubin Hair Extensions clip-on hair extensions any time of the day.

Rubin Hair Extensions are clip-in hair extensions that is so easy to put on and take off.  Think of it as putting on a hair clip, it’s that easy. Plus it is very light weight and actually feels like part of your hair.

clip-in Hair Extensions UK

The best part is it is made of 100% human hair, so it will last a long time , as long as you take care of it like you would your own hair.

Don’t worry about taking care of your Rubin Hair Extensions as they also have hair extensions hair care product that you can use to keep your extensions as good as you first got it.  They have Hair Extensions Shampoo, Hair Extensions Hair Conditioner, Hair Extensions Serum and Hair Brush!

Rubin Hair Extensions Review

I have worn my hair extensions at the recent E! Blogger Ball / E! Pop Gala held at the City of Dreams Manila and it did not disappoint.  My hair looked so good, it feels light and great it’s like not wearing any extensions at all !

Wearing Rubin Hair Extensions at EPopGalaWearing Rubin Hair Extensions at EPopGalaWearing Rubin Hair Extensions at EPopGala

Here is my unboxing and first look of the Rubin Hair extensions when I first got it!

If you would like to get one, . They ship door to door direct to the Philippines! They pack the items really well no spill or damage.

Definitely a buy!  They have a wide selection of hair color and shade !