Vintage Wedding Rentals Becoming More Popular in Texas

Texas hosts over 170,000 weddings every year. If you want yours to stand out, you need to try something a little different. Many couples are placing the details of their special day in the hands of a new addition on the wedding-planning scene: wedding rentals in Houston. Rather than collecting a roomful of wedding paraphernalia, they take “something borrowed” to the next level and work with a specialist team to create their perfect day using rented equipment. Here are five reasons why vintage wedding rentals have become the hottest new trend in Texas.

Authentically Recreate an Era


You might be a 1960s Bohemian aficionado, but could you recreate the vibe? Or New York in the 20s may be your thing, but do you know what glassware would give you Gatsby-esque chic? Collaborating with wedding rental experts ensures your one-of-a-kind wedding is authentic down to the very last teaspoon; it’s this attention to detail that sets your wedding apart from the rest.



If you’re thrifty, your first instinct may be to make everything yourself, which is a great idea until the day before your wedding and one-third of your chairs break, or the glue holding together your floral photograph backdrop begins to melt in the blazing Texas sunshine. With wedding rentals Austin, you can relax knowing everything is professionally built, and even if something should go wrong, you have a guaranteed replacement on standby.

Less Hassle


Do you have the time to trawl through websites, peruse antique stores, or drive across state to collect the finishing touches for your wedding day? Not many people do, which is why they turn to vintage wedding rental businesses. Soon-to-be newlyweds can source everything they need from one place, and if you can’t find what you want, many rental companies are well-connected with vintage specialists and can help you locate that vital missing piece.



Not many people have a mid-century plush velvet sofa lying around, and 100-setting porcelain dinner sets aren’t cheap. If you were to purchase every item for your vintage-style wedding, it would set you back thousands of dollars – and what would you do with it all afterward? For a fraction of the cost, wedding rentals enable you to hire everything you need, have someone deliver it all and arrange it exactly where you want it, and then take it away once the wedding is over.

Shine on Social


If one thing defines this era, it’s that every event makes it onto a social media platform. If you want your wedding to make an impact, you need a theme unlike all the rest. Flashy weddings have lost their appeal in favor of a charming vintage-style celebration, and with wedding rentals now more accessible, brides can create picture-perfect, insta-worthy scenes where table displays, favors, and even signs directing people where to sit can have their five minutes of fame.

Make your wedding the event of the year, whether it be grand and spectacular or small and intimate. Get the details right – from wedding table rentals to the font on your invitations – and your guests remember your wedding for years to come.

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