Why Guam is the Best Place to Get Married #InstaGuam

#InstaGuam Marry in Guam

If you wanna say “I do” do it in Guam.

I was invited for a lunch gathering with Guam Visitors Bureau Philippines recently so they can update us on what’s new in Guam.  One of my takeaway after the event was, Guam is actually a great place to get married !

Why?  Here’s just two of the best reasons to get married in Guam:

#1 LGBTQIA marriage and divorce is legal

Guam is a US Territory and with that said LGBTQ++ marriages is legal there.  So, if you are in an LGBTQIA++ relationship and what to take your relationship to the next level and get married, come to Guam.  Also being a US Territory divorce is also legal in there just in case you just got the love bug fever when you get married.  I’m not saying all marriages end in divorce a lot are successful , but a lot are also suffering coz of the ties of marriages here in the Philippines since we don’t have divorce.

#2 Best Honeymoon destination and activity after  the wedding

Did you know?  Guam is a tropical country.  Having said that, the weather is like the Philippines except less polluted and populated.  They only have 179,695 people in there!   Being a tropical country with less people, less pollution, there’s also Less traffic!   People there would go crazy if they’re stuck in traffic for 5 minutes.

#InstaGuam Marry in Guam

And since Guam is a tropical country the place is surrounded with beautiful beaches, hotels are a close proximity to the beach.  And here are some suggested activities you can do in Guam during your honeymoon.

  1. Climb the highest mountain in the world. No need to pack oxygen tanks or cold-weather gear on this pleasant hike. Mount Lamlam may just be 1,332 feet above sea level, but it goes another 36,070 feet under the sea, making Mount Lamlam’s peak the highest.
  2. Have a splash with plenty of water adventures. Go scuba diving. Skim the ocean surface on a jet ski. Dare to slide 50-feet down the slides of Tarza Water Park. Gently glide down Talofofo River on a river cruise.  #InstaGuam Marry in Guam
  3. Go on an archeological trip. Over at Ritidian Point, there is wildlife to watch and ancient Chamorro culture to explore.
  4. If you are a religious do a  Pilgrimage trip.  Did you know they have a shrine for San Lorenzo Ruiz in Guam and a lot of Filipino devotees go there to do this trip.
  5. Go shopping!   Guam is a shopping haven because they’re tax free!  If you want to shop for your new hubby and wife or for yourself go shop til you drop literally. Shopping is open 24 hours in Guam!

Guam continues to grow as a favored tourist destination. As of December 2019, arrivals from the Philippines increased by 8.6%—from 19,092 in 2018 to 20,729 in 2019.*

However, to visit Guam you need a US Visa because it’s a US Territory.  Here’s a blog I did onhow to apply for a US Visa and  get your US visa approved . Also my friend who owns a travel agency in Guam said. Your chances of getting a US visa approved is high if you just try and apply to visit Guam first. First entry is always easy.

Anyway, I am excited in seeing Guam myself and experience all these wonderful things I mentioned above. All these and more are just waiting for you at #instaGuam 2020! By  the way, to help promote the U.S. island territory, GVB appointed Enderun Marketing, a division of Enderun Colleges, as the official Tourism Destination Marketing Representative in the Philippines. 

#InstaGuam Marry in Guam

To learn more about all that Guam has to offer, holiday travelers, incentive and convention planners, government and business leaders, and direct buyers and investors are invited to visit www.guamvisitorsbureau.com and follow @visitguamph and the official hashtag #instaGuam on Instagram.

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