The 30 Days Challenge – Things to do During the Metro Manila Lock Down and 8PM Curfew

For a work-from-home individual and a child with autism who only does ADL this curfew and lock-down a.k.a. community quarantine or social distancing is not new for us.

But for the rest, the suspension of classes will make them uneasy  and perhaps bored.

In case you are from out of this world, the whole world is on a self-quarantene because of the viral virus Covid-19 first know as the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Here’s The 30 Days Challenge – Things to do During the Metro Manila Lock Down and 8PM Curfew.

Day 1.  Do a general cleaning at home !  Disinfect your houses all the knobs and door handles that are frequently used.  Disinfect toilets and kitchen and mop the floor spotless!

Day 2.  Prepare / list down your 30 menu at home. Have everyone at home contribute to the menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between snacks or deserts)  to tHave Goeveeyonehe grocery and buy your one week supply only! Don’t panic buy ! Just buy what you need!

Day 3.  Do a Mari Kondo at home!  Organize all the stuff at your home from your wardrobe, dresser, toilet, kitchen and study or home office!   Have a box to give away or donate, box to throw away, and box to sell !  Cleaning and organizing the house is not a one day task but you can do this while watching TV or listening to upbeat music to get you going.

Day 4. Binge watch !  Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Apple TV there’s tons of TV shows and movies to watch you’ll never run out. If you ever do watch your favorite movie again.

Day 5. Learn a new skill !  Cooking ? Baking? Sewing ? Dancing ?

Day 6. I’m sure you miss your friends !  Do a group video chat and have an online video or watch a movie streaming  online together all in a group chat like a group meeting !

Day 7.  It’s ok to do absolutely nothing.

Day 8.  Read books.

Day 9. Write . Make a 30 day diary documenting your feelings and thoughts from day one to day 30.  Write an essay or a poem. Write a script  Write a blog.

Day 10. Blog or video blog documenting your 30 days trying to do social distancing .   Or document how it’s like in your are from the start of the community quarantine or lockdown whatever you want to call it.

Day 11.  Make an artwork. Paint, carve, make some patch work , scrapbook, stencils.

Day 12. Workout at home! Download or watch a video of your favorite workout routine and do it.

Day 13.  Treat yourself to a home spa. Manicure and pedicure or foot scrub and give each other a massage. If you live alone give yourself a footspa, put on a face masks and pamper yourself !

Day 14. Make a vision board for your your future trips and adventures!   Write down places you want to see and when do you plan to see them and what will you do when you get there!

Day 15. Organize your finances. Dig deep into your financial situation.  How much you spend , how much you earn. How much you want to spend for luxury and trips and disposable money.  Do you have HMO? Life insurance? Investments?  Learn stocks trading or mutual funds !

Day 16. Learn a new language.  French? Japanese ? Chinese ? German ? There are lots of tutorial online you can start with !  Learn one phrase a day in 30 days ! Use each phrase everyday ! Start with simple and practical usage phrases .

Day 17.  Go back to memory lane.  Take a look at old photographs of you with your family and rekindle the old times!  Maybe make a scrapbook along the way or turn them to a digital copies . Make them into a collage and put in a frame.

Day 18. Social Media detox!  Clean out your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Remove people you hardly or never talk with online or offline.  No need to announce it they won’t even notice if they hardly react to any of your posts.

Day 19.  If you feel bored in your career or want a career change start researching for a new one! Make a list of personal or professional goals.

Day 20.  Clean up your email ! Why are you holding on to a 10 year old email?  Delete!

Day 21. Redecorate your homes. Move furnitures around and create a new space for you and your family.  Put on new record or just use things you have in storage for awhile that will sparkle a fresh look at home.

Day 22. Clean all your white shoes !

Day 23. Get hooked on a video game?  Or try a lot of video games you haven’t yet.

Day 24. Do the things you wanted to do but you were not able to do because you don’t have time.  Now is the best time to do it!  You have 30 days!

Day 25. Have a home photo shoot with the family!

Day 26. Write hand written letters to your friends while practicing calligraphy .  Doesn’t need to be long love letters.  Short and sweet is fine .

Day 27. Organize your makeup and skin care products throw away expired ones !  Wash your makeup brushes !

Day 28. Clean your fans and aircons!  Clean out anything that’s been gathering dust.

Day 29.  Start your home garden .  Maybe start with small potted plants especially if you live in a condo space will be an issue!

Day 30. Plan your wardrobe for the next 14 days !  It’s the last day of quarantine and you want to go out in style when it’s all over !

Phew ! 30 days wasn’t that bad.  It only takes one thing to do at a time to keep yourself occupied.  If you have something else to add go ahead and make my 30 days seem not enough!

Actually you can do more than just one thing a day from this list. It’s up to you!

These are all just a guide so you don’t feel like trapped or bored while we are all on a community quarantine here in Metro Manila.

Stay gorgeous everyone!