The New Normal. life in the Age of Coronavirus

Suddenly, the world stopped, literally.  We were all forced to sit back and take a break. A break we needed but a break we didn’t want .

There was a time when we all wished for a time out from our normal routine and have more time for ourselves because we feel we have so much to do but so little time.

We were all so used to the hustle and bustle of our “normal” life.  We somehow enjoyed the rush.  We were always on a standby for the NEXT and seldom present savoring the moment.

We were always on a forward motion. Trying to do as much as possible with so little time.  Always hungry at overachieving . Like life is a competition.

FOMO, fear of missing out was the common “disease” back then.

All of a sudden, we were forced to slow down.

The first week was tolerable, we needed this break.

Second week was a realization, “I can’t live this way, I need to do something.”  So we turn to social media for some sort of comfort. We ache for the usual thing we do before the lockdown.

Third week was an almost break down.  This is not what we wanted.  We need some sort of normalcy as we know it back then. The anxiety sets in.  We came to our senses about our responsibility and our need to be an individual, our need to accomplished..

While it’s nice to stay at home with our loved ones, or being alone, we still have the desire to achieve something .

However, we need to accept somehow that we have approached the turn of the century and the new normal  has come.

Heirarchy of nEeds , the new normal

Our life before the Coronavirus  a.k.a.Covid-19 placed  self-actualizationas the top priority.

Life in the age of the pandemic has got us all need our life to be simplified .  To be able to eat enough, have roof in our heads,  provide enough  to secure our loved ones.

We may all have the desire for things to go back to “normal” quickly, we are also aware that things won’t go back the way it was.  A lot of things never will.

The disruption this Covid-19 brought to our lifestyle will be difficult to manage.  The adjustment period will be painful for all business and livelihood and even on relationships.

Slowing down gave everyone the anxiety we did not imagine to have.  Our competitive nature is now being put aside because all of us are in the same level of uncertainty and fear.  The only way for us to win this is to adjust and find a way to cope.  Change is a painful process.  As the cliche goes “Remember this things will get worst before they get better”.  Let us all remember  this point so that we don’t become discouraged.

I am looking forward and will pray for a better new normal.  I hope we all learn from this pandemic and become better citizens of the world.