Life in the Age of Corona Virus: the Truth about Dalgona Coffee that Nobody Talked About

As soon as the lockdown aka enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in the Philippines started, this new drink trend just suddenly became viral. Dalgona Coffee. It’s someone’s take on having a Starbucks like coffee available at the comforts of our home. The Dalgona coffee craze looked really good and enticing and so a lot followed suit, including me. Well kinda.

Instead of coffee , I made Dalgona Milo. I like Milo or hot chocolate better than coffee because coffee will not make sleep all night.

Dalgona by the way means whipped in Hindi, in case you didn’t know.

So, I made my own Dalgona Milo using only three main ingredients, powdered milk, Milo and Nestle Cream.

Here’s how I did it and some truths I have uncovered that they never tell us about making Dalgona Coffee or Dalgona Milo.

The truth about making Dalgona Coffee or Dalgona Milo they didn’t tell you about is:

  1. It doesn’t come out perfect the first time.The froth or whipped coffee or Milo can sink in the bottom of the cup if it’s not whipped well the Dalgona may still be too heavy that’s why it sinks. Whipping it good makes it more lighter. I imagine how strong of a Dalgona coffee drink would taste like with all the packets of powdered coffee you use to make the whip.
  2. It’s too sweet and strongly flavored, “nakakaumay” .
  3. You can get away without sugar coz the cream and the Milo and the powdered milk has enough sugar already.

Would I make it again? Probably with a little tweak in the process to make the Dalgona much easier. I think I can use a real blender (if you don’t have electric mixer ).

The Dalgona Coffee or Dalgona Milo is more of a showcase drink than actually drinking it as it is because it is way too rich.