Closer to Nature: How to Make the Most of your Outdoor Living Space

Expanding your living space to the outdoors can be a real positive decorating idea. Outdoor living is a good way to expand living space and get healthy fresh air and sunshine. One feature that makes outdoor eating and relaxing better is comfortable furniture. Just make sure that the furniture is weather-proof or light enough to carry in when bad weather is forecast. Outdoor furniture makes any patio or deck more usable.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Space

When the weather warms up, it is time to spend time outdoors. Why not develop space near the kitchen or dining room to use for outdoor dining, entertaining, and relaxing with convenient entry into the house. Take a look around the yard to see where the outdoor patio should be located. Is there a door into the house? Does the space have natural shade or protection from the sun? if not, a roof, pergola, or sunshade can be added.

The space needs a nice level base such as a concrete slab, landscape tiles, or level sod, or crushed rocks so the furniture will sit evenly. Comfortable furniture can include bean bags. You can see more at to see what models will fit the area and if they will be weather-proof. A combination of soft and hard furniture works well. An outdoor dining table and chairs is very helpful. Decide if you want a grill or other outdoor cooking equipment in your outdoor space. Make sure to have storage for any items that can be damaged by rain or winter weather.

Outdoor Living Space


Making the Most of Outdoor Living Space

There are affordable ways to make the most of outdoor living space. If you want to have boundaries for the outdoor patio, consider building a low wall or a built-in bench at one end. The bench can add more seating. You can use removable cushions for more comfort. The dining table can be near the bench so it provides part of the seating for diners. A roof or sunshade can add protection for diners.

Don’t forget to build attractive outdoor furniture storage space for rain and winter weather. One way to store small items like cushions and kids’ toys is to build storage benches or ottomans. Storage can make it possible to have outdoor dishes and serving pieces handy for entertaining. Outdoor rugs will help define the entertaining space and add a pop of color. Just make sure the rug is designed for outdoor use.

More Patio Additions

If the outdoor living space has a roof, it will be possible to introduce outdoor drapery for added privacy. Potted plants help define the outdoor living space and add welcome color. Other ways to add interest include adding a water feature on the outdoor patio or nearby. Hammocks are always winners for outdoor relaxation. Don’t forget to add good lighting to extend the usable hours of outdoor enjoyment.

Along with all the great patio and deck ideas, make sure the outdoor space has convenient access to the house for food serving and potty breaks. Good planning and clever ideas can make any outdoor living space enjoyable for the whole family to use.


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