My Chateaubriand Unlimited Churassco Buffet Review

The holidays is fast approaching and one thing families, friends and lovers around the world love to share is great food and dining experience.

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant and Bar in Pasay City is a new buffet place that opened less than a month ago and we we’re invited to try out their Unlimited Churassco Buffet.    The meat lover in me was excited.

Chateaubriand is a 2 floor restaurant with a seating capacity of 166 in the 2nd floor and 180 people in the 1st floor.

Unlike other buffets I’ve been to around Metro Manila, Chateaubriand has a different buffet style.  Instead of having all the meat placed in a buffet spread, they have servers coming to your table carrying the Churassco dishes.

Please watch my vlog to see it in action.

If you watch the vlog  here here  are some  things you need to know when you pay the place a visit:

The Chips 

If you are having the Churassco buffet at Chateaubriand, you should remember to not lose the chips on your table. Those chips will let the waiters know if you want the grilled buffet of meats and vegetable keep coming to you or not.  Green side is for keep it going. Red is for stop or break.


What’s in the Unlimited Churassco buffet

  • Grilled sausage wrapped in bacon
  • Grilled vegetables (red and green bell pepper, tomato, onions, okra, eggplant)
  • Grilled chicken
  • Grilled tuna with tomato
  • Lamb
  • Pork loin steak
  • Premium beef steak

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant and Bar Unlimited Churassco buffet Review Philippines

At the center of the dining area is the Grand buffet spread of the following:

  • Vegetable salad buffet
  • Sushi buffet
  • Dessert / sweets / pastry buffet
  • Cold cuts buffet
  • Pizza and pasta buffer
  • Wine buffet (an extra Php450 or you can order by the glass)

How much is the Chateaubriand Unlimited Churassco Buffet?

Weekday rate: Php1,800 during  lunch and Php2,000 for dinner

Weekend and Holiday rate: Php2,000 lunch and Php2,200 dinner

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant and Bar Unlimited Churassco buffet Review Philippines Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant and Bar Unlimited Churassco buffet Review Philippines

What I think of it?

  • I think it was worth it, there are six kinds of meat and you can try everything.  You can have one round or more of everything as much as your tummy can handle. The good part of the buffet was it was all grilled so less fatty. The problem is the inconsistency of the cooked grilled  meats some are over charred, some kinda overcooked and dry, the chicken, pork and beef can be well done to medium rare.  It would be nice to have an option to ask for re-grill if you get the medium rare part and you wanted well done or you can just pass the round and wait for the well-done round next time server comes back.
  • I love the wide selection of food at the grand buffet spread.  The salad bar has a lot of sauces and offering . I love the big chunk of parmesan cheese shaved in front of you. The sushi bar has a lot of choices too. If we weren’t there for the meats I would have lived in and stuffed myself with sushi rolls and more. The interior of the the restaurant is so grand. My favorite part was the glass floor with flowers in it. I love the high ceiling.  The exterior is as gorgeous as well. The woodwork is impressive. I also love the waterfalls stage outside with fake cherry blossoms.  The informal sitting outside perfect for a live band and chill.

Do I recommend it?

If you like meat like me this place is a nice place to eat your heart out so to speak.  I enjoyed the dinner and I was very full.  I would have stayed longer but I am trying to maintain my figure hahahaha!  But seriously, buffer starts at 6pm to 10pm so you have a lot of time to eat, digest and eat again until you have no more space in your tummy and get a food comma.

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant and Bar Unlimited Churassco buffet Review Philippines

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant and Bar  is located at Williams Rd. Roxas Blvd Libertad Pasay City.

Chateaubriand Philippines
Weekday Lunch : 1440+ from (1800+)
Weekday Dinner: 1600+ from (2000+)
Weekend Lunch: 1600+ from (2000+)
Weekend Dinner: 1760+ from (2200+)

For Reservations call (02) 821-2031


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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