memory is failing

2 Times My memory is failing me ! I’m Scared !

Today , I go through browsing and re-reading some entries on my blog because I was picking posts to include in my upcoming book.  Yes, will be printed into a book!  My dream of publishing my own book has come to a reality!  What’s great is my favorite articles in this blog will be the the one to be published .  This feels great.

Anyway, going through my blog, I had this crazy realization that I have forgotten a couple of the entries I’ve written.  I don’t remember most of them but I have evidence of it happening because it is here some with photos, most with just words.

So from now on, I will write everything, no matter how mundane the happenings may be.  So when I go through it again, and my memory fails me again, I have an evidence that it did happen.

One of those entry was this Anime Birthday Costume Party for my daughter she had when she was doing her therapy schooling  I hardly remember where I got her clothes, I hardly remember I took the photos! OMG!  My memory is failing me big time!   How can I forget moments like this?

Another one was an entry I did about  the 3 People You Meet in a Coffee Shop.

It seems like I intended to write it in three parts but I did not finish. I only did part 1 , what happened to the other 2 parts? Why did I not write them?  So weird!

Has this ever happened to you?  How your memory is failing , that you don’t remember it happening but you have evidence of it?

This is actually one of my reasons I started a blog, to remember. I’m actually scared how frequent my memory is failing me and so if you read a lot of non-sense from me, don’t mind it, I am just making this blog also a diary.

However, an article I just read being forgetful about facts over time is something not to worry about for it is normal.  It happens because of stress or lack of sleep .