Colgate Merry Christmas Toothpaste

This 2020 Limited Edition Colgate Merry Christmas Toothpaste will Make Your Smile all Merry and Bright #SmileStrong

Would you like to try a Christmas toothpaste ?

One of my Christmas wish this 2020 is that by 2021  Holidays we all get to take our masks off and flush that great big smile to everyone we meet like we used to !

With that said, we all should take care of our oral health, we should always brush our teeth and floss and use a mouthwash.  This so when that time comes, we will not be afraid or shy to flash our pearly whites and breathe fresh air not through our face masks anymore!

Here is a great gift idea or just a stockings filler , you might want to add-to-cart right now.

The limited edition Colgate Merry Christmas Toothpaste 

Just by the sight of the packaging you’d smile from ear to ear.

Colgate Merry Christmas Toothpaste

Look at the festive yet classy packaging that reminds you of the joyous Holidays, the red, white and gold Christmas Tree that sparkles . I don’t want to throw it away.

And when you open the pack you’d sigh some more because of the adorable see-through packaging where you can see the entire contents of the Colgate Merry Christmas Toothpaste.  Instead of the usual beads, it has green Christmas tree and red confetti strips that melts in your mouth when you use it.

Colgate Merry Christmas Toothpaste

The Colgate Merry Christmas Toothpaste is even more Christmassy with its peppermint flavor and takes me to memories of hot chocolate and cookies as I sit by the fireplace (OK that’s a daydream Christmas fantasy) but the hot chocolate and cookies makes me feel all warm and fussy inside.

Use the limited edition, first in the world Colgate Merry Christmas Toothpaste with the Colgate Natural Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush for the full fresh and clean mouth and teeth experience.

Yes, they have biodegradable and sustainably grown bamboo handle Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush that is covered in beeswax since it will be exposed to a lot of water.  It  has Charcoal infused floss-tip bristles and packaging is made of Recyclable Cardboard .

Colgate Merry Christmas Toothpaste



You can get the toothpaste and the toothbrush at the Colgate-Palmolive official store on Shopee .  Both are on included in the 12.12 Big Christmas Sale.  The limited edition Merry Christmas Toothpaste is sold for Php230 per two packs.  While the Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush is on sale for Php137 a piece or Php230 for the 2 piece pack.

Both will make a perfect stockings filler and I am sure that whoever you give this too will be very happy!