SPayLater Shop now Pay Later at Shopee

SPayLater – Avail up to P10K worth of shopping spree at Shop Now and Pay Later of Shopee

If you are living on a payday, the SPayLater option or the shop now pay later option at Shopee is a great way to get what you want or need without having to pay right away for your purchases.

I just found out this option while checking out an indoor trampoline that was in my shopping cart .  The SPayLater option is  just right below the vouchers .


Here’s a visual on where to check your status if you are eligible for the SPayLater

SPayLater Shop now Pay Later

I am not sure if only those who have the Shopee Platinum status have this SPayLater option but based on my Facebook post, not everyone has it.

Shopee Platinum is also one of the rewards schemes that Shopee came up with this 2021 to entice their shoppers to keep on shopping!  Shopee Platinum shoppers have more options for discounts and vouchers and free delivery options too!

Below Shopee Platinum is Shopee Gold and of course Shopee Regular.

But believe me, if you don’t have this status and options you are lucky.  Please mark yourself safe from being a shopaholic and big spenders.

How to Activate your SPayLater :

  • Click activate
  • Input OTP sent to your mobile number
  • Upload a government-issued ID and wait for the approval 48 hours after
  • SPayLater Shop now Pay Later SPayLater Shop now Pay Later SPayLater Shop now Pay Later

Please use your SPayLater wisely as here are the payment schemes for it:

  • The billing date is every 25th of the month
  • Payment is every 5th of the month
  • You will incur interest for late payments
  • SPayLater Shop now Pay Later

Spend wisely, my friends!