NGDX! 3 solid reason you need to have the Next Generation of Nutrilite™ Doube

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NGDX! 3 solid reason you need to have the Next Generation of Nutrilite™ Doube

  1. Have you heard of NGDX?
  2. These day and age, we all need all the help we can to keep and stay healthy.  Eating the right food is not just enough,  we need to take vitamins and supplements to keep our immune systems up.
  3. The pandemic hit hard last year and got everyone rethinking their health habits in fear of catching the disease, that’s for sure. But the secret to good health is and has always been within reach, according to retail giant Amway Philippines.
  4. “You achieve good health by taking care of yourself and keeping a balanced diet, giving your body the nutrients it needs and the love it deserves,” says Leni Olmedo, Country Manager of Amway Philippines. “A well-balanced plate has a lot of colors – lots of fruits and vegetables.”
  5. Despite the Philippines being rich with lands and farms full of fruit and vegetable crops, a colorful plate just isn’t a common sight in Filipino dining tables. Good thing Amway’s plant-based health supplement brand Nutrilite is launching its new flagship product, the Next Generation of Nutrilite™ Double X™, which can help color in these gaps in Filipino diets.

NGDX Next Generation of Nutrilite™ Double X

  1. NGDX Next Generation of Nutrilite™ Double X
  2. The food supplement contains sophora japonica, turmeric, rosemary, and a special blend of berries among other carefully selected fruits and vegetables.
  3. It is Jampacked with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, this supplement is actually a level up of the company’s previous flagship product of the same name.
  4. The original mutivitamin had phytonutrients that took reactive defenses against excess free radicals in the body – which is known to accelerate ageing. In the upgrade, the phytonutrients take proactive defenses by eliminating excess free radicals in the cells themselves. 
  5. We all take in a bit of toxic in our bodies that we don’t know about and so taking this supplement will be really good for our bodies.

     “Our hearts have always been centered on helping our consumers lead healthier and more empowered lives,” Olmedo shares. “So we are constantly finding ways to innovate and improve. That’s why we were able to make our best supplement even better.”

    Nutrilite boasts of having its own certified organic farms where they plant and source majority of their ingredients. This has allowed the company to make supplements that are traceable down to the very seed of its ingredients so consumers can be confident that their vitamins are pure, safe, and effective. For Nutrilite™ Double X, over 90% of its botanical ingredients are sourced in these farms.

    “It’s not just about creating products and selling them. It’s about finding the best solutions and going the extra mile to ensure that they live up to their promise, and that’s what we do in Amway,” says Olmedo.

    If you would like to try it out , NGDX is available in Amway Exclusive Shopper. Sign up for free to access NGDX among other essentials and get free shipping for orders P1,000 and above.

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