Women Talk: Are You Ready For The Menstrual Cup

Hello ladies, how are you today. I have a very personal question to ask today. What do you use to manage your monthly period? Do you use feminine pads, or reusable menstrual pads, tampons or a reusable menstrual cup?

As of 8AM June 23, 2013:  (scroll down to participate in the survey)


Personally, I am very much old-fashioned. I still use feminine pads and when I’m at home I use reusable menstrual pads or “pasador” in Filipino. They are most convenient for me on my red days and I feel more comfortable with it. Plus there are many disposable pads that came out that are very good in terms of leak protection and bulkiness problems.

This is my favorite brand:

disposable feminine pads
I like cloth reusable/washable menstrual pads because they are soft,comfy and yes very environment friendly.You can make one for yourself using absorbent cotton (the one used for the fabrics in camping towels are very much absorbent,or those use in the kitchen to wipe spills found at kitchenaid kuds30fxss) or you can purchase online.

reusable cloth menstrual pads
My elder sister use Tampons but I, I can’t get myself using it because the though of just using it makes me cringe. I think tampons in the Philippines are not so popular and you can only buy them in big personal hygiene stores not in your regular convenience store. There’s not a commercial in Philippine TV showing tampons too. So this market is still very new in the country.

If tampons has a slow acceptance in the Philippine market, I wonder how a menstrual cup would do in the country. Are Pinays ready for it? Here’s some illustrations to help you understand what is a menstrual cup, how to use it and why should you use it.

This is how a menstrual cup looks like, this brand is DivaCup one of the most popular brand in Canada, U.S. and UK.

DivaCup Menstrual Cup

DivaCup Features:


This is how you use a menstrual cup:


And yes it is available in two sizes, one for 30’s below and the other is for 30 and up!

You may read more about this menstrual cup at Divacup.com you may also order online there!
Here’s an illustration of the benefits/ pro’s and con’s of using a pad, tampon and a menstrual cup by fleurcup.com in favor of a menstrual cup because of its hygienic purposes, wearability and environment factors:

Now looking at those info about the menstrual cup,do you think you wanna use it?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Please take time into answering a short survey on what women use to manage their period as to see which does women prefer. There’s no study about it yet and maybe we can start it here. Thank you for the help and participation!

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  1. Where did you buy ur cup? Is there any store here in PH selling menstrual cup? Thank u.

  2. I have been using tampons for almost a decade now. I am so glad na meron na Playtex and Tampax sa major groceries, dati lagi pa ako dumadayo sa PCX just to hoard them. I’ll definitely get a Diva Cup if it becomes available here. I just hate using napkins, thank goodness I’m over that pad.

  3. Oh my gosh, how in the world will you remove it without spilling the contents? At pano if your mens are mala-jelly type? Ewww…

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