5 Creative Ways To Reuse Leftover Candle Wax

5 Creative Ways To Reuse Leftover Candle Wax

 Instead of throwing away your leftover candle wax, reuse them through these five ways. You’ll save money and the environment.

Candles have been used for emergency and aesthetic purposes for centuries. Before electricity was introduced, candles lit homes and made the evening look like day. They also provided heat for homes in colder regions. Candles have now evolved into items that provide relaxation and beauty, so scented candles remain popular decorative objects in many homes.

But like any other object, candles have a limited lifespan. As soon as they reach their bottom, they’re not functional anymore; they lose their purpose as light sources and pretty decorations. But before you dispose of your leftover candle wax, here are five cheap and creative ways to reuse them:

Make Another Candle

What could be better than reusing your leftover candle wax to create another one? Think of it like “reincarnating” your previous candles, only they’ll have different colors and sizes. Purchase new wicks as you can’t reuse your old ones. Choose a glass or container to hold your new candle. You may reuse your candle jars for your upcycled ones to save money from buying new ones.


Place all your wax residue in a pot then melt them. Add a few scented wax chips to make homemade scented candles. Place your wick in your container, then with a funnel, pour the wax in. Gently pour your candle mixture to avoid messy spills and painful burns. Leave your candles to dry for six hours or more before lighting them.

Remove Squeaks

Now, what if your leftover candle wax isn’t enough to make a new candle? Don’t fret because you can use them to remove squeaks in your drawers and cabinets. If one of your drawers squeaks annoyingly when you open or close it, rub your candle wax on the sliders; your dresser will close smoothly and quietly. This hack is ideal for maintaining the wooden cabinetry and wardrobes of the houses in Camella Dos Rios Trails.


You can also do this trick to silent squeaky doors, cabinets, and windows. Doing this hack spares you from getting irritated by the high-pitched sounds of wood hitting wood. Plus, you’ll also do Mother Nature a favor by reducing waste.

Melt Them For Aromatherapy

For leftover scented candle wax, reuse them as fragrance chips. Use a wax burner and tealight to melt the wax and create a sweet-smelling aroma in your home. You may also couple it with incense to aid your meditation and relaxation. Besides having a fragrant home, residents of Cabuyao, Laguna will enjoy the warmth of their wax burner.

Seal Letters And Gifts

Looking for a creative and more intimate way to seal gifts and letters? Use wax residue to seal them with style. Thanks to novelty stationery stores, you can purchase wax stamps with various designs you can imprint on your seal. You can even customize your stamps with your signature or watermark to provide a more personalized touch to your seals.

Remove Scuff Marks

Getting rid of scuff marks on leather surfaces, such as your couch or boots, can be challenging. It can also be expensive to buy special cleaners to get rid of them. The good news is that you can use leftover candle wax with canola oil to remove stubborn marks on your leather goods. 


Heat the wax in the canola oil on low heat. Then use a soft rag to gently clean away the scuff marks. You can reuse the cleaning mixture by reheating it when you need to clean leather goods.


Leftover candle wax may seem a waste. Still, even the smallest candle wax chips and flakes have their uses. Start with these five ways to reuse candle wax and reduce your carbon footprint while saving money.



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