Our house is not as pretty or big but we call it home. Anyway, I took these shots couple hours ago to show my sister abroad what I’ve been doing in the house decorating for the Christmas season and here are some shots: This was the first shot I tookContinue Reading

It’s officially Christmas! In our house anyway! Well, I restrained myself from putting up decorations as early as I used to, and since it’s just 50 days before Christmas! (OMG! Can you believe it? It’s just 50 days!) As promised, I will let Halloween, All Saints Day and All SoulsContinue Reading

For Tackle it Tuesday and Talk About it Tuesdays meme (TIT for TAT) I tackled my underwear drawer, as I was tackling my dresser earlier right before my eyes I saw three drawers full of undergarments. I started sorting them out to the ones I use frequently (my favorites) andContinue Reading

Yup! My once hot and bothered pussy cat was knocked real good, now she is conceiving! I’m so excited to see the kittens now! My mom thought she is gonna deliver the litters tonight ‘coz she is meowing like crazy! But nope not yet time! She is getting really bigContinue Reading

Father’s Day is just around the corner (3rd Sunday of this month) and I had to engage you again in to some thought provoking issue. You are the judge, but here’s what the research says, older men make better dads. Here’s your Double Jeopardy question for the day: “What doContinue Reading