January 26, 2009 is the Chinese New Year for this year the year of the Ox. It was also a Monday so daughter had school. We always make a stop at the SM Fairview Mall after her school and last Monday was delightfully fun where me and my daughter gotContinue Reading

It’s 57 days before the big day! Christmas! My most favorite time of the year. I am surprised at my self for not having put up the Christmas decorations as earlier as I used to (usually the Christmas tree is up in October). But I restrained myself and said IContinue Reading

Some people hate the city because of the traffic and smog. Life is fast phased and everyone seems to be in a hurry. Well, that is the negative side. However to me the city is also a beautiful place. I admire the city because of it’s magnificent skyscrapers and highContinue Reading

Yes, you read that right, the Philippines has three (3) seasons and not just two (2) as known . Aside from the rainy seasons (wet and floody also known as the typhoon season) and summer (sun, sun, fun and beach) we have the Ber/Christmas season. Yes, you read that againContinue Reading

I wish the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is as pretty and glamorous as the Hong Kong International Airport. I pity our airport really. The international flight departure area is a sorry thing to see. It looks like a bus terminal and our government is so thick skinned to ask forContinue Reading

Today, the Philippines celebrate Labor Day or locally known as Mayo Uno, it is a public holiday as announced by our president. While labor groups are out on the streets to ask for a P125 across the board salary increase to compensate for the rising price of commodities, the DepartmentContinue Reading