Me Monday

I forgot if there are tags I left out this week, so instead of a Meme Monday it turns out to be a Me Monday, it’s all about me. Self analysis using online personality test, more likely figuring out which Sex and the City character is closest to who I am.

I got Carrie Bradshaw twice from two different personality matching quiz from Facebook and Tickle.

Take this test!

Smart, driven, and the kind of girl that could be the star of any show, it’s no surprise you lead the pack. Whether trying out a new hairstyle or mixing and matching your wardrobe, with a look and a lifestyle all your own, you’re sure to inspire those around you. You’re honest about what you want out of life — even when all you really want is the latest Balenciaga bag or a corner table in a hot new restaurant.

But your playful exterior doesn’t fool everyone — deep inside you’ve got a lot on your mind and it shows. Standing by your friends, working hard, and always staying a step ahead (while, of course, doing it in Manolo Blahniks), isn’t exactly easy. So now that everything else is in place, we couldn’t help but wonder — is your next great romance right around the corner?

You can find out your SATC match there at Tickle

This one is from Facebook

Can you tell how SATC addicted I am. It sucked when they had to bid goodbye at the height of their popularity. But if they will make a SATC movie each year, well, that can compensate missing them.

If you want to know more about me, you can read my tickle results and maybe take the Tickle test I made long time ago just to see if you could be me. If I were you would you be me? Go ahead and click that to see if you are up for it, just for fun, don’t worry I don’t bite! It would be great to know the result after your done with the test.

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  1. Yeah we have a little bit of everyone 🙂 Welcome back! How was the trip? It’s kinda rainy here in the Philippines!

  2. I think I am a Carrie in a way too and sometimes I can be a Charlotte.Awww they are all fun! I’ll do the test soon when I find the time…tick tock tick tock so many things I gotta do.

    I’m back!!!

  3. =( is down. I think I’m a Carrie, though I wish I were a Charlotte.

    I’d cry if it calls me Miranda, lol. Sam’s ok, we all have a little Sam in us.

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