Thankful Tuesday, What Happens In Vegas and Sex and the City (The Movie)

After being outrageously bored last Monday, I was terribly annoyed today (Tuesday) when my net connection was fluctuating, I realized I shouldn’t be that way and instead be thankful because I am comfortably dry and safe at home.

In China, it was reported that almost 20,000 people died because of the monstrous 7.9magnitude earthquake. I was dumbfounded how come the local news was not reporting about it when the incident happened on Monday? Is there a news block-out? Are people really that mad with China that they don’t report this terrible thing that happened, when it claimed not just Chinese people but there were British people dead in the disaster? I read later on with my fluctuating net, that help from all over the world started to come in, Thank God.

In Jaipur, India, more than 60 people died from some bombings, one bombing incident happened at a jewelry store.

In Isabela, a magnitude of 5.2 earthquake was recorded.

So instead of being bitchy annoyed girl, I should be relaxed and thankful because I am comfortable here in my home and safe.

To pass by time , I watched What Happens in Vegas staring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. It’s a romance comedy film, one of my favorite movie genres, with one of my favorite funny actress Cameron Diaz.

It’s a story about a girl who got dumped by her fiancé for not being good enough for him and being too OC, and a guy who got fired on his job at his fathers’ furniture company. They went to Las Vegas to unwind and have fun. Had too much fun that led to them getting married and not a memory of how they got hitched and not remember a thing..

Now they want to get divorce, but they won a 3 million pot on a slot machine. A wise judge who abhors whirlwind relationships gave them the punishment of trying the married life for 6 months. I love the movie, very human, very true. Makes you reflect about the big question, why marry? Watch it!

And oh! Before I forget! SATC (Sex and the City) the movie had it’s worldwide premiere! Can’t wait to watch it. Look at those ladies!

(They call SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) outfit in the premiere outrageous, I call it being in character! Pics courtesy of InStyle magazine)

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  1. LOL Sphinx you sleep in the movie house? wow that’s something haha!

    I am looking forward to watch the IronMan too 🙂 but can’t wait for SATC, I love those women!

  2. It is so sad to hear about the tragedy in China that claimed tens of thousands of lives. This is what happens when Mother Nature whips us with unforeseen and overwhelming disasters.

    I’m still looking for the dvds of both What Happens in Vegas and PS I Love You. I don’t really like to go out and watch movies because I usually end up sleeping. lol!

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