Post Your Everyday Gorgeousness

I made a Meme/tag for everyone to enjoy and also to start the consciousness of finding one gorgeous thing, place, person or event in your everyday life (but this meme can be done once a week any day of the week (at least) to your convenience and pleasure).

By the way the Everyday Gorgeousness is not just for the ladies it’s for everyone. As defined beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so anything from the bloggers perspective he/she deemed beautiful can be included. That said, everyone should link up!

Let’s start the gorgeousness mantra. I am gorgeous. Like Fergi is Fergilicious, of course Earth is Earthlingorgeous. I hope you all join. Click here to link up! Have fun and have a gorgeous day!


  1. Hi friend! Thanks for the greetings. About the bloggers party, I’m sorry I really I can’t coz Mommy Crissy has no helper at home. I take care of the kids and all the chores. We lived somewhere in Montalban, Rizal that’s why most of the times I miss out this kind of invitation. Anyway, thanks friend for the invite, you all have fun and regards to everybody.

  2. Hiya girl,

    I don’t have a link. I just copies and paste it on my blog.

    Feel free to grab it too;)Hope all ll
    is well.

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