The Wolrd Is Becoming Autistic

While I am working double time to get my daughter in the “normal” plane, people nowadays seems to have become autistic with the advent of technology.

In the streets you’d see people with headsets/head phones plugged in their ears. There were a couple I accidentally bumped in during the rush hours or was with me in elevators and I can hear from where I was standing whatever they were listening through those headsets.

You’d talk to them, but they are too self-absorbed and tuned out somewehere enjoying their own world.

Has our social life shrunk into interacting with our friends and meeting new friends through computers and cellphones and gadgetry? I hope not.

Last Friday, I contemplated on my way home how my social life has drastically changed since I become a single mom. It has been limitted to work and home and the only means I “socialize” with other people/friends and the chance to meet new ones is through the internet (blogging, forums and social networks)

I miss the physical aspects of social interaction where you laugh, cry, be silly and sweat with friends. I miss enjoying an activity that does not involve gadgets or any gadget in between me and the person I talk to.

Is the world becoming autistic?

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