My Clear Black Night Moments

It’s CLEAR! This is my favorite moment of attraction at the CLEAR Black Night. Tell me why it wouldn’t be my favorite? These two gorgeous and confident models double kissing me? “Ang haba ng hair ko!”
My best friend’s favorite CLEAR moment of attraction at the party! “Ang haba din ng hair nya syempre!”

October 31, 2008, was the night my best friend Rachel and I have been waiting for. It’s the time for us to let our hair down and dance the night away. It was The Clear Black Night, A Halloween Dance Event at Taste Asia, MOA.

Wearing our sexy black attire with our soft, smooth dandruff free hair, thanks to Clear Anti-Dandfruff shampoo we faithfully use, we are confident enought to mingle, party and have our moments of attraction.

We arrived at the venue at 8PM and the place was already jammed packed. We went to registration area first to confirm our attendance and I was handed the Clear Black Night, A Halloween Dance Event cd, our mask and the cue to strut our stuff and have a helluva fun night.

I was impressed how they converted Taste Asia into one cozy party venue, a dance floor on the main hall and the dinning and mingling area outside.

My best friend and I were equally amazed and amused and delighted when two tall non-Filipino looking handsome man approached us and assisted us all the way to the main hall and seated us beside the table of DJ. “If there’s anything we can assist you with just come to us,” one of the charming tall guy said. “The buffet is ready and bar is now open so you can have your fill and get your drinks too,” the other one said. “Enjoy the party!” they said as they left us with their melting smiles.

Giggling like teen-aged girls, Rachel and I agreed, this is going to be a fun night! We are so up for a good time and as sure as Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo guarantees a dandruff free soft smooth hair, to make you look good all the time even when you’re wearing black, we did have a blast. It was indeed one of the nights for us to remember.

Starting up the fun and confident night

I particularly like how CLEAR hired gorgeous looking male and female models to be usherettes on the event. Their fun, friendly and confident ways encouraged the party-goers to enjoy the night, and the view as well.

Rachel and I can’t help be delighted with such feast on the eyes that we had, I am talking about the two charming male model usherettes that gave us a warm welcome in the party, was enough for us to feel confident enough that we are a stand-out already!

Rachel and I decided to have some bite of the sumptuous menu Taste Asia prepared. We sampled one of each in the menu: Fillet Mignon, Tuna Kebab, Chicken Ala King, Yakitori, Pork Barbecue, Grilled Liempo With Fruit, Baked Prawns (my favorite of all that I just got to have more of this tasty treat).

After having our fill, we are ready to party. We called on the waiter carrying the cocktails. Our first drink was a glass of Black Russian which was enough for me to shed what’s left of Rachel’s “inhibition”.

My Clear and confident moments
Ms. Earth with the Ms. Earth 2008 Candidates hehe! Beside me is Denise Ms Canada and Ms Greece. Where is my sash?

I didn’t get their names! We were so busy enjoying the night with them that we forgot to ask their names! Bad bad bad me!
Me with the sexy CLEAR ladies.
Rachel with the sexy CLEAR ladies.
Me with fellow bloggers, Sam and Nino.
style=”text-align:center;”>Earth’s CLEAR and confident alien encounter. Oh wait! that’s the Predator!
In the heat of the CLEAR Black Night Halloween Dance!
It’s CLEAR, lotsa booze and food down!

That’s all folks! Earthly is tipsy and out! Until the next party!

I would also like to thank Unilever Philippines and Clear for the loot bag to make sure I’ll have my confidence and beautiful hair without dandruff for a long long long time! Plus a cool t-shirt too saying “Once you go black you’ll never go back — CLEAR!”
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