Sea Critters at Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

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Clockwise: 1) Stonefish: Small but very dangerous. This is considered as one of the deadliest fish in the world. One prick of it’s fin and you’ll be dead in 24 hours! Yikes! Almost stepped on it good thing I didn’t, almost picked it up too and when we called our tour guide he said that thing is dangerous! We found two of them swimming by the bay and brutal as it may sound the tour guide killed them.

2) Blue starfish and King starfish: I thought they were dead as they were lying by the seashore so I picked the King starfish and ready to take him home, when I was walking to our cottage I saw it fold it’s points! Oh my! Did I screamed in surprise! I took it back to the water together with that blue starfish and wow did it run fast!

3) Giant clam: This is one of the favorite “pets” of our tour guide (the guy with the goggles and wetsuit) he even swam middle of the sea and dive for it just to show it to us. This was the type of clams that makes pearls. It’s very very heavy!

4) Jellyfish: This one is a goner but I saw it laying by the shore and it looks pretty. There were some swimming that are alive but I don’t wanna get near them because they sting. I hate jellyfish sting. This one was like the one in the movie Nemo just touch it on top and it won’t sting you.

5) Zebra fish: I’m sorry the pic seems too tiny to see but they are swimming in packs and they are very tiny and thin but you can see their stripes at close range and they are just swimming by the shore line.

Camera Critters
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