My Christmas Wish List

I’m gonna be selfish for today and list things I want for myself.

  1. I want this Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor
  2. and this Widescreen LCD Monitor Privacy filter
  3. A Sony’s 24.6 megapixel DSLR Camera
  4. A Digital Photo Frame
  5. BMW Hybrid Car
  6. or a Mini Cooper
  7. A European Tour
  8. A Shopping spree (shop ’till I drop at Tri-noma)
  9. Free supply of electricity for life
  10. and a flawless free internet connectivity for life
  11. Free gas refill at any gas station all my life.


  1. wow.. nice list you did. I love tour too

  2. Wow!!long list of wishes…may you wish come true.
    By the way I wish you a Merry Christmas,wonderful holiday & jolly good 2009.

  3. Hahahaha di naman masamang mangarap diba? hhehehe malay mo may angel na magpadala kahit isa man lang sa mga yan diba hehehe

  4. Good luck na lang sa wish mo

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