Sit On Santa’s Lap and Wish for a Digital Frame

“Welcome! You have been placed in a virtual line to see Santa Claus. Please be ready to upload a photo and tell Santa Claus your wish” said the introduction on the Sit on Santa Claus lap experience page.

Huh! I wished it was that easy. Well, going to the page was fast but the loading time for the upload a photo page takes virtually forever like it wouldn’t even load at all. Since I wasn’t able to try the sit on Santa Claus lap experience and make a wish I just made a Photoshop image of me sitting on Santa Claus lap (that pic on my sidebar).

Anyway if you are lucky to have it load fast try joining CIEVA’s cool Got a Wish Sweeepstakes contest where $500 is up for grabs. Sweepstakes is open for U.S. residents only. That picture and other photos I have of my fun-filled Christmases with my family would be a perfect display for the awesome CIEVA frames.

The CIEVAshare 8″ Digital Photoframe is just $129.99 (with 1 Year PicturePlan) and can store 40 photos, with optional Wi-Fi connection and six-button remote control.

While the CIEVAlife 8″ Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame can be purchased for as low as $159.99 (with 3 months Picture Plan) with a built-in memory card reader, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, an interchangeable Black and wood-finish face plates and remote control. It can display 50 photos and is perfect for sending and receiving photos without the need to use a PC or internet connection.

If you have the money to spend for gifts to your loved ones why not try giving a digital frames they are perfect since most now love taking pictures and displaying them too. But don’t just spend on any digital frames since only CIEVA has the Wi-Fi compatibility feature for easy receiving and sharing of photos.

I would definitely wish for one when I sit on Santa’s lap (or just buy me one). Do you think you would like to have one for yourself too?

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