Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

If I had known about cord blood banking before I gave birth to my daughter almost 7 years ago I would have done it too.

Scientist has just recently discovered how cord blood or the umbilical cord blood is a rich source of stem cells and a viable substitute to bone marrow in over 8,000 successful transplants worldwide and have been used in over 8,000 transplants worldwide.

Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank believes in saving a precious cord and not just discard it. You can opt to donate it in public cord blood banks for others who are in need to use it, but that doesn’t guarantee you can get another cord blood that easy if in case the family’s need arises (although we hope it doesn’t) we would never know. Parents should be fully informed of the considerations before deciding if they would donate their newborn’s cord blood to a public bank or preserve it for their family’s potential future use.

Family banking creates the opportunity for use of one’s own cells for future cellular therapies to potentially treat stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and other serious medical conditions.

If you have friends or family members that is expecting a child this is the perfect gift for them. Cyro Cell is the industry’s family cord bank leader with more quality accreditation’s than any private cord blood bank.

Enroll online with Cryo-Cell using promotional code D995 by midnight, December 24st, and Bank Baby’s Cord Blood Only $995 for processing, testing and first year of storage plus the cancellation fee is waived. This is an unbelievable discount of $725. Act Now! Offer expires at midnight 12/24.

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