The Anne Curtis Diet

Who wouldn’t want a slender and fit figure like Anne Curtis?   I’m sure most of us do. . But I’m sure none of  us can endure the kind of discipline she does when it comes to her diet and eating habits to maintain her figure.

At an intimate press event for the “No Other Tuna”  TVC (a TVC by Film Armada and PC&V Communications) held at the My Cinema at Greenbelt 5, last night, Anne with Mr. Greg Banzon, vice president and general manager of Century Tuna, she revealed her diet to us.

The Anne Curtis Diet

The Anne Curtis diet does not include pork , beef and rice in her daily meals . She only eats chicken , fish, particularly tuna, and vegetable salad.   Instead of rice she eats Quinoa. On cheat days (mostly on a weekend) she indulge on sinful food like chocolate, chips and rice and pasta which she says goes well with the Spicy Century Tuna variant.

Yes, Anne Curtis loves loves Century Tuna, her partner to maintain her healthy and gorgeous figure. In fact she have it thrice a week either on her sandwich or salad. On a cheat day she will add mayonnaise on her Tuna Sandwich or salad or have rice with the Spicy Century Tuna variant.   For her there’s No Other Tuna but Century Tuna.

No Other Tuna TVC for Century Tuna with Anne Curtis

Anne also loves coffee and she likes it black with no sugar!  When she feels hunger pangs on weekdays she will indulge in water to quiet her hunger. But on a stressful day, like when she’s feeling tired or overworked, she indulge from time to time.

Aside from dieting she also exercise regularly and thankful that Show Time moved to a later time slot so she can still hit the gym in the morning.

Now, if you can follow such a strict diet as Anne, then you are on your way to having such a trim body like her.

Since last night, I promise myself I will try no to eat too much pork or beef and rice!   I’ll look for that Quinoa that Anne said is available at Healthy Options. And thanks to Century Tuna for my supplies! I’ll start on that tuna diet too from now on.

Say hi to the birthday girl @annecurtissmith

By the way, each Century Tuna can you can get in any groceries and sari-sari store nationwide is now made even better as it is filled with bigger tastier tuna chunks that will surely satisfy the palate.

new and improved Century Tuna
How about you, do you think you can follow the Anne Curtis Diet?

Stay gorgeous everyone

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  1. The very mention of the word “Diet” instills a dread in many of us.
    However, in nutrition “Diet” is the sum of
    food consumed by a person while Dietary habits are the decisions an individual makes
    when choosing what foods to eat.

  2. My favorite century tuna would be the chunks in vegetable oil,the tuna diet is effective it help me lose weight i gained in my back to back pregnancy.

  3. Will try Anne’s diet nga. Dapat talaga may discipline talag like Anne. HOw much kaya ang Quinoa. Medyo mahal kasi sa healthy options e…

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