Not The Tooth Fairy

My daughter at 7
Me at 6

Before her 7th Birthday I noticed one of her front teeth loose and so with that I expected at anytime soon we can give it to the tooth fairy to leave her some cash.

We were going about our ordinary day, me tinkering with the computer, daughter playing on her own with her toys, and mom watching her favorite soap operas on TV. I went to have a drink when daughty asked for a banana and so I gave her one. After finishing my drink I went back to my computer, daughter followed me to the room and asked for another banana. That’s when I found out her front teeth gone!

My daughter does not complain of pain as long as she can tolerate it. If it was her fault that she got hurt she won’t cry.

Did she swallowed it with the banana she was eating? Or it fell somewhere in the house? Where could the precious teeth have gone? So, I searched and searched to no avail. Daughter was all giggle, probably relieved that the loose teeth is gone. I looked at her and she smiled! Oh my! She is so adorable! I can’t stop laughing and giggling with her. I cuddled her tight and called my mom to announce that her loose teeth is gone.

“Did you find it?” mom asked.
“No,” I replied.
“Awww too bad we can’t give it to the rats.” she said.

Yes, you read right, rats! Instead of the tooth fairy we give our loose teeth to the rodents (rats, mice or mouse whatever you like to call them). Here in the Philippines we have this tradition of throwing the loose teeth to the dwellings of the rodents and shout: “Daga, daga palitan mo ng mas maganda.” Translation : “Rats, rats, give me a better one” referring to the teeth of course.

This tradition came from the belief that the rodents can give children a better one as a replacement for the loose one since mice/rats/ mouses are known to have strong white, beautiful teeth.

Honestly, I only knew about the toothfairy when I got a bit older but when I was a little girl like my daughter I used to believe in the mice tales and I throw my teeth to their dwellings doing the chant. I think it’s kinda true coz I have nice front tooth.

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  1. lol well depends on what kinda rat… sewer rats are ewww lolz but farm rats are cleaner lolz

  2. wow. I didn’t know that in the Philippines the tooth fairy is a rat. That is kind of disgusting, but they do have strong teeth.

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