My Candle Light Dinner Valentines Day

Sounds romantic huh? Actually it’s not. It was the most annoying Valentines I ever had. Indeed I was seeing red!

This was the candle light dinner I was talking about:
Yup a power outage when we were about to have dinner! Like !%$#@! What’s more annoying was the power outage happened on our block only! Isn’t that sweet! We were singled out on a Valentines to have a dinner with candle light. We waited and waited for hours. I even entertained myself taking pics of the candle:
So yeah, I had a romantic valentines. Power went back 9ish am already.


  1. Hi,

    I remember the old days. Sa aming nung mga early 90s panahon ni cory, palagin din wala kuryente, grabe yun.

  2. at least you had a candle light dinner. 😀 hehe.
    nice shot on the candle!

  3. @Jes oo nga eh nakaiinis di bale na malapit na kaming umalis sa neighborhood na itich.

  4. anu ba yan? brownout n nmn?? lagi nlng ganya…tuwing me occassion! hehehhe =) kaka badtrip tlga yan!

  5. heheheh uu nga na amazed dn ako sa desig ng love letter….nde sya mahilig sa love letter kaya sobrang na apreciate ko yan!!! ahahahha =) ipapa laminte ko nga eh! =)

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