Exchange Your Havis Now!

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Exchange Your Havis Now!

Although the recall was specific to the U.S. with no reported injuries or incidents, Terry SA, has in good faith removed the same items from the selling floor since March 5, 2009. They also stressed that not all the 22 styles pulled-out in the U.S. were imported into the Philippines.  Havainas that were voluntarily pulled-out in the U.S. last week.

In line with this they are formally announcing their exchange program which will be convenient for all the consumers. You can call the Havainas Philippines hotline at (o2) 895-8744 for more information about where you can bring your Havainas for replacement.

Accepted Havainas styles for replacement are the following:

  1. Baby Letters
  2. Baby Pets
  3. Baby Estampa
  4. Kids Apple
  5. Kids Candies
  6. Kids Fairy
  7. Kids Lighthouse
  8. Kids Love
  9. Kids Lucky Bug
  10. Kids Monsters
  11. Kids Pets
  12. Kids Rock
  13. Kids Tropical
  14. Kids Flores
  15. Kids Surf
Havaianas Customer Hotline
02 8444994
or March 12 onwards:
NEW Havaianas Customer Hotline
02 8958744
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8 thoughts on “Exchange Your Havis Now!

  1. thanks Mommy Chicky for this feedback will tell that to them A.S.A.P 🙂

  2. just called up the havaianas hotline to get my unused baby estampas replaced which was purchased mid-february.. and guess what?! they’ll just start getting the product through a courier by monday (march 16). after that they’ll be checking the returned product for 3 months. and after that, it will be subject for approval if they will be replacing it or not. if they’re gonna replace it, it will also take 5 days to deliver it back to you.

    what the heck?! waiting after 3 months++, and they’re gonna replace it with the same size??? my baby is 4 months old and he might have overgrown the flip-flop by that time!

    havaianas has a poor customer handling process!


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