Fab Sleep Time- Mommy Moments

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Fab Sleep Time- Mommy Moments

My mom believes it is bad to take pictures of someone sleeping so I don’t have much picture of my daughter in slumber.  These pics were taken by my sister and mom can’t do anything about it! Hah!

Daughter and I both  exhausted swimming at at the Wave Pool at Club Manila East.

Daughter napping with my cat!

mommy moments

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13 thoughts on “Fab Sleep Time- Mommy Moments

  1. @JOna actually its fun to watch them make faces when sleeping talaga.

    @ Genejosh oo napagod ako kahahabol sa pool saka sya dive ng dive nakakanerbyos have to recharge hahahaha!

    @ Ida oo sarap nga ng sleep nya hihihi kahit naglilikot ung pusa ala sige tulog!

    @ Jan ay oo mega character ang (she) pusa ko. Actually I have post about her lots about her in this blog 🙂

    @ Thanks Stacy 🙂

    @ Pehpot hahaha ako laking maynila pero nanay at tatay ko maraming pamahiin! Oh gosh thanks for the award will grab soon 🙂

    @ Phebie happy MM too 🙂

    @ Chris she naps when she is tired the whole day after school and therapy 🙂

    @ Jes ay naku para silang magkapatid ng pusang iyan 🙂

  2. hi! kids are cute when they show faces when having dreams. my son was lol the other day on his sleep and i can’t help but laugh myself.

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