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I have so many places in the Philippines that I want to explore. When I was younger and single, I used to be spontaneous and adventurous.  I like to travel to places especially those kind of trips that I will be in touch with nature.  Kayaking, boating mountain climbing, trekking, and horseback riding are a few of my favorite things to do.

When I say I am spontaneous I mean it, imagine I climb, trekked, horseback  in and around Bathala Cave in Marinduque, Mayon Volcano in Bicol , Mt. Bulusan also in Bicol, and Taal Volcano in Batangas without wearing any proper climbing gear.  All I have are improvised stuff.

Some of my friends have turned into real enthusiast and took the hobby seriously so they joined mountaineering clubs.  When they plan for a trip they definitely make sure they have all the Mountain Hardwear they need from harness, ropes, belts, sleeping bags and more.  All these stuff are packed in their 5-8 kilo mountaineering backpack from North Face.

I bought a mountaineering backpack before because I was preparing for a long trip in the mountains to meet some NPA for my special project, I can’t even lift the thing without any help from anyone! Good thing the trip was canceled because when they did a background investigation they found out I have a ranking military official as a first cousin. They didn’t allow me to pursue the trip on fears of having me kidnapped or me leading the military to their base, which is reasonable enough.

I miss my travel adventures.  The last adventure I had was that of the Island Cove.  I wish to go back in Palawan and explore Underground River in Puerto Princesa Palawan some more, the 45 minute boatride inside the cave was amazing.  I also want to see the beautiful Batanes, I was told that a 5 day trip package cost about P22,000 only and that includes airfare and hotel.  Not bad!  I got to save some money now to get there. Anawangin in Zambales is the closest place for me to explore too and see those lovely light houses. A DIY trip overnight here won’t cost you more than P500.  I would like to see Vigan and the amazing beach they have with those wonderful windmills!

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  2. earthlingorgeous

    Wow I didn’t know there are local mountaineering gears available, thanks for the info.

  3. try local products like Habagat, Montanara, Conquer or Sandugo. they’re durable as well as affordable. and you get to help our local industry.

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  4. this is so off-topic but i couldn’t find any other place to say that i like the new layout — looks fabulous! ^_^

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