Tips On Choosing The Right HVAC Contractors

One of the most important installation we need for the new condo is the ventilation and airconditioning. Since Manila weather can only be two things, hot or too hot, having an airconditioner installed is a must.

I’m glad I came by this Omaha HVAC website that mentioned a lot of  pointers I can use when I choose the the HVAC contractors that will install the cooling system I need for our new condo.

A good HVAC contractor on new installations will have to:

  1. Have to take make a physical inspection of the location where they can install the cooling equipment. I don’t really need a heating equipment here in the Philippines.
  2. They the contractor will calculate the heat-load of your home or business using a checklist and determining the square footage.
  3. Then he will provide the accurate estimate for the project.

For old installations that needs repairs they will:

  1. Have to see if the old system is no longer efficient and ask specific questions and run a number of tests to pinpoint the problem and find solutions.
  2. If the problem was the unit was not properly sized for the structure they will recommend new or additional equipment to meet your needs. Proper size of your system is more energy efficient and therefore its cost effective.

More handy tips:

  1. Make sure that the contractor you will get is licensed, insured and bonded. HVAC installers need to pass necessary test before they can obtain a license.
  2. Don’t settle with the first installer you meet. Get a number of quotes so that you can compare.
  3. Accepting the lowest bid is not always a good idea, you should choose the quote that provides you with the best system and service for your money.

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  1. You got me when you suggested hiring an HVAC contractor that’s licensed because it’s a sign that they passed necessary tests to be eligible for a license. I will make sure to share this with my mom. She’s planning to hire an HVAC contractor that can replace her old AC unit. She said that her old AC unit has been causing her energy bills to spike due to its efficiency problems. If I may share, her old AC unit was installed more than 16 years ago.

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