Raw Food Diet Anyone?

Honestly I don’t diet because I don’t think I need to. Although sometimes I am guilty of doing a crash diet two or three days before a big party so I would fit on my lovely party dresses. But in general I eat like a man!

I remember some of my male workmates used to love having me around when it’s eating time because they love my appetite. They’ve never seen such a petite lady eat like a carpenter. Imagine, I can finish up 2 and a half cups full of rice while my other female workmates and friends would go for half cup rice only. Half rice! Gosh! I can’t have a full stomach without eating lots and lots of rice!

But lately I am thinking of taking out rice in my daily food intake because I am noticing my mid-section is not proportion to my body size. Sometimes I even think I have four breast because my tummy would go same size as my bosom!

If I would go on a diet I think going on a Raw Food Diet is a good option. No not sushi/ Japanese food, but raw vegetables. Although I would still have protein on my diet mostly beef, as I am a beef person.

Did you know that eating raw vegetable makes the skin glow. Vegetables is also the best natural skin care product you can use that is affordable and readily available.

Instead of snacking on chips and junk food, it’s better to chew some carrot sticks or tomatoes, I used to eat those when I was a little girl maybe I should go back to doing that and teach my daughter to do the same. Well, good luck to that!

3 thoughts on “Raw Food Diet Anyone?

  1. I too eat a lot and never seem to gain weight. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits also. But the problem is I get hungry easily if puro veggies lang.

  2. Wee Earth, nakatransfer na rin ako. MIA ka nung Friday, hanap kita sa Plurk eh.

    Maganda nga raw yang raw food diet na yan kasi mas madali madigest ng katawan yung food kesa yung mga processed foods. Kainggit yung mga tao na malakas kumain pero hindi tumataba, hmp!

    Will add you in my blogroll. =)

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