Happy Mothers Day To All!

A week is not enough to thank all the moms in the world for the awesome job they do, they are the angels sent by God to guide us and now being a mom we are now doing the same role. It’s not easy but we can do it.

The rules are simple create your own scrapbook post it on your blog, pass this Mothers Day tribute/greetings/tag to all the mom you know and link to the one who tagged you along. (Sorry for those I failed to mention here please feel free to grab and pass along.)

Because Moms were once daughters and without our children we wouldn’t be mothers! Happy Mothers Day (2009) !

I am sending this Mothers Day tribute to: Leirs, Jenny A, Ruby, Mitch, Mauie, Yami, Anna, Casdok, Dani, Jes, Chris, Frances, Pehpot, Dine, Noemi, Rowena and Arlene and also to all my non-blogging MOM friends around the world I love you friends! Great Job!


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