Someone Please Invent The Teleporter

I’ve been in a long distance relationship for quite a while now.  I tell you it’s not a stroll in the park especially at times I need to be physically with him.  An example was the time he got very sick with pneumonia and had to be in the hospital for almost a month.    I was even told just recently by my hunny that the pneumonia that struck him was the deadly one.  Imagine how dreadful it will be for me to get a call from someone telling me the baddest news I never wanted to hear in my entire life.

Anyway, if long distance relationship is hard I believe interracial dating is also hard.  People sometimes will hold on to their personal belief and bias, that includes being a racist.  Although love knows no race or religion the people around in such relationship are bound to adhere or get affected by their biases.

If you are one who does not care about what people say and is tired of dating from your race then you can try  where you can find black, white, yellow or brown singles who are searching for their soulmate just like you.  It won’t hurt since sign-up is free.

Roger Ebert is A Pulitzer Prize-winning American film critic & who is married with Chaz Hammelsmith is a defense attorney in Chicago who is in a successful interracial marriage. They’ve been married for more than 15 years and getting stronger.

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  1. dati din i was on a long distance relationship, with my ex, pero depende lang tlga sa couple yun kc talagang hindi maiiwasan na mag twp -time ung isa..

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