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Engagement Rings

When a man finds the woman of his dream he doesn’t waste time to have her and keep her in his life forever. If he could only put this woman on a tower or build a wall around her to secure her from other men who would want to steal her from him he would. But of course  women can’t be kept inside towers walls or cages and so men invented engagement rings.

Engagement rings are tiny lovely piece of jewelry wrapped around a lady’s finger. It is a less obvious way of “locking” a woman from other men but it is an obvious sign to other men that this woman is taken. A tiny piece of jewelry that makes a huge sign that tells other men to back-off this woman is taken.

Women don’t mind wearing them especially if the man who offered them everlasting love is the man they want to be with for the rest of their lives. The prize, shape, and size of the jewel on the ring doesn’t really matter as long as it was given with sincerity and that the promise of a true and faithful love that was made when the ring was offered is kept even after the ring is worn.

But of course men want to impress their woman and other men as well so they would choose some extravagant ring like those Tacori engagement rings that are hand crafted and produced at their headquarters in California.

The rings are available in Platinum, 18k white or 18k yellow gold and you can also have your Tacori rings custom made depending on your budget, the shape you want and the karat weight of the diamond or precious stone you want included in your ring.

This one on the photo is one of the most expensive engagement rings they offer at Tacori with round channel-set diamonds around the band and two larger round diamonds on either side of the center diamond with a combined weight of approx .56ct.  But of course you can have your ring customized.

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3 thoughts on “Engagement Rings

  1. I would love to have a customized diamond engagement ring. I have always had a picture in my mind of the ring I wanted as my engagement ring since I was a little girl and to have that picture come to live and get married to the man I love would be the greatest gift ever.

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