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There’s 98 days before Christmas and 103 days before our family’s Boracay New Year getaway! I am seriously thinking about upgrading from a pocket sized point-and-shoot digital camera to a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera so I can take awesome pictures from that trip.

I love taking pictures and would like to take a step higher when taking photos.  I no longer want just a flat image without texture and depth.  An SLR camera offers more options than a point-and-shoot cam does.  I like to take photos like a professional can do.  I want the camera tricks of enhancing foreground or background of a subject.   Shoot a subject at an awesome macro shot without getting the grainy or flat image.  Interchange lenses for different effect and so much more!

I’m looking at this digital camera store that has all the popular DSLR camera brands in the market today and I think they have the lowest price that I found online. A D60 Nikon is about $600 or about Php 28,000. almost the same price with the Canon EOS Rebel which I think is not bad.

If I will do a purchase I can add some additional accessories for as low as $90 for a starter package for hte Nikon D60 or the Canon EOS Rebel that includes an SD card, carrying case, extra rechargeable lithium battery, 5 piece cleaning kit and a tripod with fluid head. The best part is they accept Paypal payments and offers free shipping. Hmmm…

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  2. Thanks Tanniah…. I’m a trying hard photographer… ahahaha kidding… I just love taking pics and my pic taken 🙂

  3. hey earth!

    nice write up. you are into photography din pala? i suggest you check this out — click here

    that site has FREE photography tips 🙂

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