Long Weekend

It’s been three days since I made a post and for me that is very long.  See I post everyday multiple times a day in fact.  I have my internet service provider SmartBroadband.  You see everytime it’s raining cats and dogs the internet signal fluctuates and at it’s worst you can’t get connected at all. I tried the Globe Broadband my old tattoo and the new tattoo sim Globe gave me recently and the signal sucks it’s the worst ever!  I haven’t tried Sun yet, maybe I should.

Anyway,  instead of being frustrated not being able to do my online things I did so many things offline.

The ugly mark/discoloration/flat wart/ whatever on my face will hopefully be gone in a couple of days, thanks to Bioesence.  I will blog about it as soon as it’s gone forever.  So I may not be present at other blog events for a while because I am shedding off the old skin and I look my worst today!

I got a nice eyelash curl and Bioesence said it will last for three months! Yipee!  I’ll blog about it soon.  Right now I just want to update everyone about what’s been happening to me why I am not seen online or in person that much lately.

The rainy weather since the weekend made me so lazy so I was in hybernation for a couple of days.  Sleeping is always good!

Bought my daughter her raincoat because I hate her missing her school just because I don’t want her get wet when we go out and commute for more than 2 hours roundtrip to her school.  But I’d rather have her miss school than have her sick.

I also bought her a couple of new clothes!  She is growing up very fast and now her shirts are size 12 her trousers size 14 her shoes size 30!  I will not be surprised that she will be taller than I am when she turns 10.  A funny and scary thought for me at the same time.

I’ve been photographing almost everything in the house or at least the things my daughter use every so often and some places we always go and have it printed wallet size with three copies each and have it laminated so we can use it instead of the drawn PECS for communication skills.

I’ve been so much entertained and amused by the outcome of the Philippine politics lately.  I find it ironic that the Ombudsman ordered that all SAL (Statement of Accounts and Liabilities) of politicians and government officers should not be released and become private, which is in violation of the Philippine Constitution.  This was a result of the media slip-up of Congressman and son of Philippine President Mikey Arroyo during an interview at Unang Hirit with Mareng Winnie and Arnold Clavio where he was caught lying through his teeth about how he amazed such wealth.  Imagine from $5 when he started to work for the goverment to $90 million!

Then finally Senator Noynoy Aquino surrendered to the whims of the people around him and the media.  He announced his acceptance to run as President in the 2010 election.  The declaration was made at the 40th day of his mother’s death the late President Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

The 999 fever caught so many people especially in China.  So many wed today thinking it’s a lucky day.  But some astrologers think this is not a good day because of so many metal elements, too many stubborness happening.  I should agree, imagine how ironic it is for the children going to school so early in the morning and brace the rain shower only to get dismissed a few hours later when the rain had stopped.

I spoke too soon my internet is not that reliable yet.  Good luck to me if this gets posted.

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