Christmas Or Birthday Wishlist

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Christmas Or Birthday Wishlist

It’s two days to go before Christmas and so it will be very ambitious of me to have a Christmas wishlist fulfilled by whoever wishes to be my Santa Claus. So, instead this is my Birthday wishlist since my B-day is just a couple weeks ahead 23 days to be exact.

1) A 40 LCD TV, Samsung or Sony would be nice.
2) A Macbook pro or a net book (HPmini, or Toshiba netbook)
3) A Samsung dual view digital camera I don’t fancy a SLR cam anymore too bulky.
4) A Kindle.
5) A new mobile phone nope I don’t fancy a blackberry just anything that has Wi-fi, with a high megapixel phone camera.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Or Birthday Wishlist

  1. Hi Earth. Merry Christmas to you and your family especially to your little angel. Nakuh dalagita na pala bebeh mo. ‘Ala akong load kay greet kita dito. 🙂

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